Caring New Baby

A new sibling in a family is always a matter of charm and enjoyment for the parents and other family members. Caring for two or more children can be exhausting and challenging for you. Older siblings may feel lonely, displaced, and jealous, which may cause them to take any unwanted action. If you were in the habit of caring for a child or children one on one before, now you have to change things to adjust and cope with your expanded family.

Consider Enrolling Your Toddler in Pre-school

When you bring a new sibling to your home, it is the best time to consider enrolling your older child in pre-school. You will have time to give your new one exclusively, and your toddler will also discover a new world of teachers and age-appropriate arrangements. Or, you can plan to enroll your toddler in pre-school a few months earlier than your due date to ensure a smooth transitional environment for both children. Set timing wisely so that your toddler does not grow feelings of jealousy.

Set Up an Area for Your Toddler

While caring for a toddler and an infant, setting up an area where the toddler can play alone is very important. You can choose shelves or bins to keep the toys that will allow you to clean up and your toddler to choose toys comfortably. Provide a toddler-size table and chair. Purchase blocks, playable foods, simple puzzles, coloring materials, and other art supplies for him. Similarly, create a safe space for your baby to swing or play with baby toys when your toddler needs your undivided attention.

Coordinate Nap Time

Coordinate nap time so your baby, your toddler, and you can take naps simultaneously during the day. You know your toddler’s nap time, so you can help your baby to nap simultaneously. If both of them do not share the same room, let your toddler sleep first. Then, put your infant down to sleep. Or you can try reversing the process. Also, lying with any of them, who takes time to sleep, will be helpful. At first, they may not be easy for you, but gradually, you will be successful in your attempts. Spending a few minutes with each of your babies will help you connect with them.

Tell Stories to Your Toddlers

When you have to handle your toddler while caring new baby, it is not the time to read books to your toddler or to play. Rather, reading stories to him is the best idea. If you end up getting ideas for telling stories, you can make stories of your own from the daily interest of your toddler. Telling stories of yourself when you were a baby and a toddler will also attract him like a magnet. If you tell your toddler the detailed story of when he was a baby like his sibling, and how you cared for him, he will catch them. Toddlers are very fond of listening to stories, especially from their parents. Aside from keeping your toddler calm, both of you will grow intimacy, which is very important in a family. After the first few days of starting to tell stories, you will see that your toddler will keep waiting for the storytelling time. These guidelines would be the same for surrogacy babies or diventare padre single or single parenthood.

Arming yourself with busy bags, wearing your baby, prioritizing quality time with your toddler, letting your toddler help, and accepting and asking for help are also other waypoints for handling your toddler while caring new baby. Although handling a baby and a toddler is not easy, you have experience parenting as a second-time parent. If you want to take care of your baby and your toddler, you take care of yourself. You will have to get innovative help and ask for support.

By Anurag Rathod

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