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Take An Overall Look At TikTok:

TikTok is a video sharing application where you can create a video of about 15 seconds. You can choose a soundtrack from the library with some special effects and filters to your videos. You can react to the other user’s videos by sharing comments or emoji’s. 

Going deep into TikTok, there are several ways to build engaging content, initially try creating visually engaging and fun content. Secondly, TikTok used between 16 to 24 years, so make use of grabbing video content. 

Craft the Entertaining Video for your Business:

TikTok offers you the perfect chance to generate a video that centers more on having fun and combining with your viewers. Try to make a video with background music along with your brand. The main objective is to create a simple video to highlight your brand.

TikTok means simplicity, hence get your smartphones and start filming your videos with more funny, fresh, and imaginative videos of your thoughts.

Make it quite natural! Always light-hearted video niches will reveal your brands rather than showing across the highlighted viral memes. 

The Large and small scale brands plan their content carefully, recording the natural moments of the users in between the video clips. Make sure to work on the relaxed approach where connections build and thus trust is maintained.

Grow your business using branded Hashtag challenge:

Do you want your TikTok audience to talk about your business or brand? Then the best way is to start your brand’s Hashtag challenge. It motivates the users to create or recreate the videos and then includes the branded hashtags into it. 

While selecting on hashtags just look out for the top 10 hashtags and also check how many times they were selected. Always implement the hashtag with the highest number of uses.

A perfect example, The brand Guess came as a debutant to TikTok with a hashtag challenge(#InMyDenim) motivating the Denim fans to make the video popular by wearing the brand’s Denim.

Apart from this Chipotle got into action. By creating the #GuacDance challenge, that attracted the fans of the chunky chip dip and green to display their dance moves. During that weekend alone it resulted in 250,000 submissions!

In a nutshell, always a funny hashtag helps to support your business, but also drives your user interaction and engagement enormously. Make up the best success strategy for your videos by getting more TikTok likes to optimize your profile to become trending.

Collaborate with TikTok Influencers:

Who are TikTok Influencers:

The TikTok influencers are another trendy way for businesses to market their products, that are developing day-by-day. Influencers are increased by collaborating through TikTok apps, who are innovative to generate sponsored video content. 

Example of Successful TikTok Influencer:

Say, for instance, Chipotle, collaborated with David Dobrik for a paid marketing influencer campaign using the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge received 1,00,000 submissions and 230 million views in the entire process.

How to Expand your Business from TikTok Influencer:

To broaden your TikTok profile reach on your platform, you need to work with the specific influencers on TikTok. In the perfect order, to make contact with young users and audiences, you need to follow the TikTok influencer’s strategy rather than the traditional ads. Thus, hold hands with the generation of users, who’d support you to get a lot of connections.   

Make sure to partner with the right choice of the influencer. Choosing generation Z can be the right choice from a far distance, and they can connect to this generation in simple ways where traditional ads will never be connected. 

Purpose of TikTok Advertising for your Business:

TikTok introduced ads to its platform recently, where this serves as a boon for growing TikTok businesses. This TikTok Advertising include: 

In-feed Native Videos: 

In-feed native content videos mean ads are similar to Instagram and Snapchat ads. The video plays in the full screen with a time duration of 9 to 15 seconds. They are skippable or scrolled past the ad. 

The impact of the ads can be measured by tracking up the impressions, clicks, click-through rate(CTR), engagements, video interaction like shares, and comments along with views. 

Brand Takeover:

A TikTok brand takeover allows a brand to take over the application for a day. This helps to grab the user’s attention with full-screen display either statically or dynamically. Brand Takeover delivers strong visual opinions about the brands to your viewers. 

The crafting of Brand Takeover is made with GIFs, images, videos. They are easily linkable to hashtag challenges or landing pages where you can create videos.

Branded Lenses:

Branded Lenses means 2D and 3D lenses used in Snapchat that provides you with the option to connect with the users through branded content. TikTok is working hard to make this more engaging. 

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