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Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Best Free Social Media Management Tools

The term “Social” never had a stronger impact on our lives than it does these days where technology has colonized our human race to such extent, it became our Air and Water. Our eyes are as wide as the size of each piece of news or info we read & see each day on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or tweeter. Our ears are so hung up on each voice coming out of YouTube or Reddit. And our minds and hearts are so attached to our laptops, smartphones, and tablets we are no more able to have a good peaceful night of sleep like our ancestors did.

Our life is going with a beaming fast pace in a digital space developed for us to live in, So business owners better start to take notice, for this is your most significant opportunity to set a rocketing ROI increase through going online & benefit from the digital boom social media platforms are offering.

You can`t do without the right tools, though; your human form can’t have a thousand eyes or ears or brains to follow, analyze, & respond to everything that’s happening on social media. That’s why you need the digital gears to dive freely into the modern era where “digital socialization” has become as crucial to modern business as Air and Water are to us.

So before we start exhibiting the best free social media management tools, let’s go through a few little questions to be sure we are all buckled up & ready.

What is social media management?

It is an act of controlling more than one social media account for business purposes such as brand building, improving SEO, ROI increasing, Workflow managing, inbound traffic increasing, and more. All can be done through monitoring the current of activity, mentioning, and replies around your business, your brand, or your service. That includes technical and customer support management to ensure direct reach and robust interact with customers.

What can a social media management tool do for you?

  • Social media content planning.
  • Social media posts publishing.
  • Multiple accounts management.
  • Active respond and inquiry support.
  • Social media posts scheduling automation.
  • Content and archive posts storing.

Now we reach our Digital main event: Most significant “free” SMMT or Social Media management tools:


The giant Owl came to the show with everything a social media management tool can offer, and with wide-opened eyes that see through every social media managing need.

Hootsuite offers A-to-Z features that even included automated Ad solutions (which is a unique feature for Hootsuite among the tools on our list). Else, we could see such killer features under the feather!

These features briefly included:

  • Scheduling
  • Content curation.
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Team management.
  • Apps & integrations (over 250).

Alas, that shows who’s the best, yet we are here for free goodies. So, let’s find out what has fallen off the Hoot`s nest.

Hootsuite free plan features: (1 user only)

  • 3 social profiles management
  • Basic tracking analytics.
  • Up to 30 scheduled messages.
  • 2 RSS feed integrations.
  • 150+ free & paid Apps.
  • Online help center.
  • Free social media courses. ***

Sprout social: 

Ever heard of a healthy social media ecosystem?! That’s what Sproutsocial offers to its clients through a wide range of solutions for all size & type of business; from small to Enterprise, with agencies or with customer service, and with social media marketing & management. From which the latest was our main concern for this topic.

Socialsprout has built its social media management & marketing platform based on three main criteria:

  • Plan & publish.
  • Monitor & Engage.
  • Report & Analyze.

Below the three main criteria, each one held a long list of unrivaled features that leaves no social media managing or marketing need stone unturned (all but automated ads for campaigns, which is still a Hootsuite exclusive).

Listening, collaboration, account structure, Monitoring, CRM, Analyzing, or mobile app and automation. All that was really nice to see, yet as “free plan” seekers we went, to check what has fallen off the tree. And we found nothing! Which left us in deep sorrow and awe. Yet at least the Sprout had a 30 days trial over the branches, and they were free.


The three layers of interest. Buffer introduces itself through a 3 layers plan, or rather say three different products.

  • Buffer Analyze: *Still under development.
  • Buffer Reply: the social customer service software for support teams. (Professional & business plan only. more enhanced features.)
  • Buffer free: Main product with basic buffer features included. (Ever free plan available).

Buffer is offering a great set of useful features including:

  • Browser extension.
  • Mobile Apps.
  • RSS feed.
  • Social media calendar.
  • Social analytics.
  • Video and GIF uploader.
  • Pablo image creator. (Creating images for posts. Buffer exclusive).

So as you can see, the layers are flavor-rich and crunchy, yet we went through the layers to taste the “free” munchy.

Buffer “free plan” features: (1 user only)

  • 3 social accounts management.
  • 10 scheduled posts per account.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and (Pinterest is paid).
  • Browser extension.
  • Mobile apps: iOS & Android.
  • Pablo: Image creator.
  • Video & GIF Uploader.
  • Link shortening and tracking.


Just, as usual, the Zoho family is always there to compete for the best chairs. And typically, when we say Zoho, we don’t usually mention the best UI friendly or the cheapest price plan, yet we defiantly say an undeniable quality product with deep understanding of the category and rules for competition.

Zoho free plan features: (1 user)

  • 1 brand.
  • 5 social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram).
  • Publishing & scheduling.
  • Basic reports.
  • Default URL shortener.
  • social share Browser plugin.


In focus, Mavsocial is offering a nicely detailed and simple social media management solution with the main aim on robust workflow & brand management packed up by a brilliant system that stores and reuse images and multimedia for campaign creation purposes.

Mavsocial categorized its features into:

  • Content curation. (Discover, edit, & manage for pre-stored imaging assets).
  • Schedule & automate. (Schedule & publish posts, automate posts republishing, boost with fb ad. Functionality).
  • (Track, sort, & respond).
  • (Monitor, analyze, & share in-depth reports and valuable data with team members).
  • Collaborate & manage. (Team management, collaboration, audit all action is taken or tasks completed).

Such simple, yet reach in details features were appeasing, yet we sure went behind the scene to see what focus Mavsocial has put on its free service.

Mavsocial in-focus free plan features: (individual).

  • Social network available (Facebook & Twitter only).
  • 2 social profiles backed up.
  • Publishing: 10 posts/day.
  • Digital library. **
  • Campaign planner.
  • Campaign calendar.
  • Stock image library. ***
  • RSS feed.
  • Chrome extension.


These arrows are leading to your way of success. SocialOomph is becoming one of the most applicable social media management tools recently. Just as its logo refers to, we found their service is plain simple and straight forward with absolutely no hassle on the side road. Plain, simple, & straight forward that’s how it is.

SocialOomph, with a special focus on twitter, is covering a wide range of social media platforms, including Plurk, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

A long list of interesting features that covered even specific twitter details (private twitter interest channels & tweet COCKPIT tool accounts) that we picked its free side as our point of interest here.

SocialOomph “free” side plan features:

  • Schedule tweets: “plan, set & forget.”
  • Track keywords: “Empower or self.”
  • Save and reuse draft: “save hours of typing.”
  • URL shortening: “shorten your links.”
  • View @mentions & retweets: “Efficiency.”
  • Purge your Twitter tweets: “start over.”
  • Secure twitter access: “no passwords.”
  • Up to five Twitter accounts: “no charge.”

TweetDeck/ Facebook pages manager:

Both are offering ultimate management over their respective platforms. Pages Manager is an application that lets admins check on their Page activity, view insights, and respond to their audience from their mobile device. While as TweetDeck is a powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement.

And the best thing about it all is …. They are both COMPLETELY free.

TweetDeck/ Facebook pages manager side by side features:

·      Multiple user support. ·      Scheduled posting.
·      Scheduled content posting. ·      Real-time updating.
·      Intelligent keyboard shortcuts. ·      Photos/ video manager.
·      Effective search and filtration system. ·      Posts boosting.
·      Configurable alerts. ·      Offers and events creator.
·      Real-time updating. ·      Multilingual.

*Honorary presence:

We Found LikeableHub is one of the best social media management tools available as well, with an exceptional set of features and approach, yet it does not offer a free pricing plan anymore that’s why it was not included on our list.


With social media managing, you will find a thousand hands out there willing to help. That comes naturally as social media is becoming more and more dominating to our life habits and preferences. It is never limited to age, gender, or culture anymore.

Social media inventors have already made their call, they built and still going on building a revenue empire for smart and ambitious markets with a vision into the future.

It doesn’t matter which vendor or what kind of service you ask out of a social media tool, for they all actually offer a great and sophisticated enough service to help you out. What really matters here is what level of ambition and innovation you have at your disposal. So make sure you are always digitally suited. For the chances are still coming your way.

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