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Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t have separate RAM to run the applications swiftly as it is designed to utilize all the storage as its RAM. But time and again when the device runs out of space, it starts being sluggish and doesn’t give its optimum performance.

With time, the phone accumulates a lot of junk files and duplicates that eats up a lot of space on the device and halts the phone swift functionality. It is important to manage and perform regular maintenance on the device to clean space and have more room for new upcoming files.

Apps, Videos, Music, Photos and other files take up a lot of space on the storage and unfortunately there is no option to upgrade the storage space with the aid of external storage like Android devices. Tips and Tricks available in this article will help you optimize the storage space so that you get the most out of every Megabyte.

Delete Unwanted Apps

At times, we install apps that are of one-time use and after using it, we don’t uninstall it thinking that it will be used in future. Such apps accumulate a lot of space on the device resulting in our device running out of storage.

By deleting these apps, you can free up space on iPhone. It is an effortless exercise. All you need to tap and hold the icon until it starts jiggling. Once you see all the icons dancing, you can be certain that the app is in edit mode. Tap on the X mark on the left and side to delete the icon. Deleting the icon will also delete the app and its associated files and folders from the device.

Deleting Stocks & Pre-Installed Apps

All the operating systems come with some or other pre-installed games or apps. These apps can’t be removed to avoid crash and malfunction of the device. iOS also comes with some Pre-installed apps, Stock apps, Game centre, Notes, Calendar and a lot of other useful apps.

The good news is that with the launch of iOS 10 and above, you have all the rights to uninstall these pre-installed applications that you don’t wish to use. Deleting these apps doesn’t actually remove them from the device but hides them and removes their cache files and data files. This way you can free up space occupied by apps you don’t need.

Check Out your HDR Photos Library

Photos are the biggest space loading files in the era of selfies and HRD shots. If the option of HDR is turned ON and you take a burst shot, your iPhone will consume around 30 MB of space in one click. Unknowingly we end up keeping all of them and it fills up our storage space quickly.

In new iPhone devices, even the regular picture is as clear as an HDR picture and it consumes less space as well. Only in extreme situations with low light, you should turn ON the HDR option. If you have patience, select all your photos one by one and remove all the duplicates after keeping one out of them else there is an alternate to it.

You can make use of the best duplicate photo finder app that can run a quick scan and remove all your duplicate photos just with a single tap. The application is designed to preview the identified duplicates and let you choose which photo to keep or delete.

Sort Files by Size Before Deleting

While removing media files like Videos, Audio, or picture, it is advisable to sort the files by size and delete the heaviest files before you got to choose your favourite file for deletion. Start deleting videos first as they consume a lot of space. It may be possible that one video is good enough to sort out all your problems.

Make Use of Cloud Storage

Every iCloud account allows you to avail 5 Gigs of space on the cloud. If you have stuff that can’t be deleted, you can upload it on the cloud storage to free up space on your phone storage. Photos and files have a separate album to take a backup on the cloud. Uploading images on the iCloud may reduce the file size and quality of the pictures but it can save you a lot of space. Just with a tap to enable iCloud photo library, you can take backup and remove photos from your device.

Record Videos with Low Resolution

While recording videos, if you have the right light and brightness, you can reduce the resolution from 4K recording to HD one. This customization can reduce the file size to 10 % what it was supposed to occupy earlier.

Keep Burst Mode Turned Off

Burst mode or selfie mode eats up a lot of space on your device as it captures a lot of clicks on one tap. All those images stay there until you remove them manually or select which one to keep. It just takes a single tap to turn it On or Off. When you accumulate a lot of photos, you need the best duplicate photo finder app to remove duplicates and organize your photos.

Summing Up

If your iPhone is running out of space, these top tricks will free up a lot of space on your device. If you are piled up with a lot of photos and media on your device, you can clean it up using the best duplicate photo finder app and optimize your storage space brilliantly.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.