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This can be said without a doubt that podcasts are one of the best inventions of all time. In today’s times people are getting busier and busier, overloaded by work and other professional commitments more. In such time crunch, listening to podcasts is preferred more by everyone as it saves a lot of time. Podcasts are simple audio content that you can listen to anywhere and anytime whether online or downloaded and it seems to be a growing choice amongst people, especially millennials. With a great surge in interest and engagement, today one can easily find top podcasts in India that perfectly suits their interest.

Podcasts in India

Though the potential of podcasts medium is huge in India but it witnessed a slow growth since the start. Contrast to the global audience, India had a very less acceptance rate for podcasts. But as per some researches, urban millennial audience is growing high interest in this medium. People are not only listening to it but are producing their own podcasts online. The fact that this medium is so popular is that one feels they are part of a conversation and also get to know people and their sides that they otherwise would never get a chance to.

Podcasts is a combination of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’, an online audio content that one can consume in a passive state. While you are driving, your phone is getting charged, or your phone is locked, nothing will abrupt the medium. 

How to Find Your Perfect Podcast to Follow

Just like one filter and consume other types of content, podcasts also can be chosen from an array of options based on your interests. The same way we follow channels on the Youtube, blogs and websites depending what we like to watch and read, podcasts are also available in different genres that will find your interests once you explore them. Different types of podcasts are:

  1. Travel Podcasts: Travel podcasts are episodes by presenter and other people who narrate their best travel and adventure experiences through podcasts. Travel podcasts are for travel enthusiasts, who are always in search of travel related content, exploring as many places and adventures virtually.
  2. Food podcasts: This one is for all the foodies and people who like cooking. A bunch of recipes and nuances of cooking different cuisines and dishes packed in an audio content that you can learn from.
  3. Business podcasts: Business podcasts pack highly informative and interactive content for people who aspire to be entrepreneurs in future.
  4. Motivational podcasts: These are one of the most popular and demanded genre of podcasts. No matter which road you are travelling on in your life, one will always cherish a few motivational words or stories to lift their spirits high and fight challenges.
  5. Education podcasts: Educational podcasts are subject specific podcasts that are produced to provide learning on a particular subject or topic.
  6. Current affairs podcasts: News enthusiasts are regular listeners to podcasts on currents affairs. They provide information on all the latest happenings around the world. Expert discussions are also added that helps listeners gain an overview on a current news subject.
  7. TV films and reviews: For entertainment lovers, the genre of TV films and reviews is a treat as they get to relish some amazing stories on podcasts at their own comfort. Reviews of films that release and some interesting interviews are also available in this genre of podcasts.
  8. Religion and spiritual podcasts: Religion and spiritual podcasts are based on episodes presented by spiritual gurus that share helpful tips and information related to spirituality and religion.
  9. Health and fitness podcasts: For fitness enthusiasts, health and fitness podcasts provide some inspiring fitness stories of people, fitness routines, how to overcome challenges, how to lead a healthy life and lot more. It helps people make required changes in their lives and lead a healthier life ahead.
  10. Comedy podcasts: One of the most popular podcasts that help you unwind all the stress by giving you a laughing pill are comedy podcasts. Episodes by some great stand-up comedians, these are some laughter-filled content which is a must to explore.

Listeners want to hear their favourite stories without compromising on their time and schedule. Podcasts can be your favourite stress buster and a useful hobby that you invest your time into. The next step is simply to explore your interests and catch upon an interesting podcast available because it is time to become an audience to someone’s story. There are an estimated 40 million podcasts listeners in India.

The audio content industry is witnessing 60% growth as new shows are regularly entering the market. The lockdown due to pandemic drove people’s interest to switch into some interesting audio contents from comedy, health, spirituality, to motivation.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.