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Research has shown that the worldwide covid-19 pandemic has majorly affected the events and conference industry. For instance, you find that businesses have been forced to postpone or cancel some events. However, other conferences are being conducted virtually to protect the well-being of presenters and attendees. Here are useful insights on how to create a successful virtual business conference:

Keep The Meeting Engaging

You should ensure your audience is interacting and engaging throughout the session. The latter will depend on your audience’s size. You need to explain to your audience how to present any questions that they may have through the digital platform and sensitize them to send as many questions as possible during the question and answer time.

Additionally, you should ensure the speakers are keen on the questions submitted during the conference. The speaker should dedicate a segment of the meeting to answer them and give their remarks.

Alternatively, you can also break the tension during the meeting by giving jokes as this will help boost the morale of attendees. Therefore, you will bring about progress in your business meeting and create engagements, thus leading to productivity and growth.

Plan and Prepare For Technical Problems

On most occasions, live meetings are usually conducted in a controlled manner whereby you find that technicians are present if something happens and urgently needed. However, for a virtual event, this is different as there can be many issues involved, among them being network problems; thus, you need to develop a plan if such mishaps arise.

An incredible way to ensure that the meeting continues despite network mishaps is by sending the presentation slides to the meeting host. If the presenter loses connectivity, the event organizer can intervene and carry on with the subject of discussion.

The Use of The Video Feature to Enhance Effectiveness During The Virtual Event

You find that it is challenging to hold the attention of attendees with a side-based demonstration alone in most cases. Many web platforms are supporting video conferencing. Therefore, virtual conference presenters should make good use of the benefit for their business progress.

You find that your audience becomes more engaging when they can see the presenter because it gives them that personalized experience. In case a video presentation is not obtainable, you should consider reducing the presenter sessions from one hour to a time that is more convenient for the attendees to maintain their participation throughout the presentation.

For instance, if you want to know how to host a virtual conference, you can use virtual rooms as they will help you set and prepare your speakers, attendees, and sponsors for a meaningful virtual conferencing experience.

Use The Best Audio Option That is Available

Your business should use the best that is available to engage its audience. You find that bad audio quality will make the audience tune the speakers out because they experience difficulties hearing them. Your business needs to consider these factors when using virtual audio sessions as they can affect the effectiveness of the audio:

  • The speaker’s microphone quality
  • network connectivity
  • The web page used to get the audio

Therefore, you need to try out as many different options available before the conference and choose the audio that offers the perfect listening experience. A good quality audio listening experience is vital for the success of a business because it ensures the attendees get the message clearly without straining.

Ensure That Your Presenters Have Tailored Their Demonstrations For The Virtual Audience

You need to understand that a dialog that performs excellently in a one-on-one venue. However, a dialog will not work well virtually. For instance, you find that verbal cues such as gestures that speakers unknowingly use in a live venue will not work when it comes to virtual conferencing.

Therefore, to enhance the success of your business through virtual conferencing, you need to make use of unique materials like an improved slide which will help convey emotion or information that you would not have communicated efficiently via a digital platform.


It would be best if you followed the tips discussed above to enhance the success of your business. By implementing these tips, you will gain the knowledge and understanding of how to create a successful virtual business conference, therefore, taking your business to the next level.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.