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It is hard for the people running nonprofit firms to get funds to finance their activities. For that reason, most of these organizations depend on donors for funds support. You can highly benefit from these donations by just creating a form of donation on your website.

With that knowledge, by now, you are interested in creating online donations forms for nonprofits! You can hack this with a little effort. All you need to do is accept donations on your WordPress website

In this article, we will guide you on how to create online donation forms for your WordPress website. 

Create a nonprofit donation form

You can begin by installing the WPForms plugin. This is the best WordPress form plugin in the market today. Once installed, click on the add-new to make a new donation form. From the set-up, name your file and choose the donation form template. By now, you have created a donation form.

Customize the forms field

Your donation form has the name, email, donation amount, and the comment or message fields. If you need other additional fields, you can add them by dragging them from the left side to the right. From there, click the field to make changes. 

Your donation form allows your users to enter the amount they want to donate with ease. For this, you can provide a multiple-choice in a dropdown field instead. Make sure all the fields are filled in the right manner as required.

You need to customize this form to display the single item field where you people need to enter the amount. Always ensure to make changes to ensure the form is up-to-date. That way, every website visitor will want to fill in their donations as they need. After the customization process, then save it.

Configure the settings of the form

Many general settings need configuration when creating this form. These settings include the form name, description, submit button, spam prevention, Ajax forms, and GDPR enhancements. Please make sure the settings are as they are expected to be by the donation form and save.

Configure the form’s notification

This is the best way of sending emails every time a donation is made to your website. Unless you disable this feature, you are supposed to get a notification upon donations.

Configure your forms confirmations

Some messages display on the website once the visitors submit donations to your site. These messages allow the donors to know that their donations have been received and let you know the next move. There are three types of confirmations that you can choose from, the messages, show page, and then go to URL redirect.

Configure the settings of your form’s payment 

It is important to configure the payment settings so that your form will accept donations. This form integrates well with PayPal, stripe, and the Authorize.Net. You need to install and activate the correct payment add-on. These are some of the steps you need to follow:

  • Click on the checkbox to allow your PayPal standard payments on your form.
  • Insert your email that is associated with your PayPal account
  • Select the production mode
  • Choose the donation method and put the donation payment type, configure, and save. 

Add a nonprofit donation form to your site.

This is the last step to create a donation form. The WPForm gives you a chance to add several locations on your site. Click on the form button and choose your donation form that pops up in the modal.


There you will have done it. By now, you are aware of the vital steps you should follow to create a nonprofit donation on the WordPress website. Follow all the steps, and you will easily have your form on the website.

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