School in Abu Dhabi City

Abu Dhabi is one of those cities of UAE known for its exceptionally well teaching techniques and creating a comfortable environment for students to grow and develop into a better human being. While they concentrate on academics, an equal amount of attention is given to co-curricular activities. The school’s aim is to produce not only an intelligent person, but a physically, socially, and emotionally stable person.

Following are some of the pointers that all the parents should keep in mind before selecting a School in Abu Dhabi City:


Location is one of the peculiar characteristics while selecting a school as you will need to look after transportation mode being provided, and how much time your child will need to invest in travelling. Not only in Abu Dhabi, but the school’s location is a key factor while selecting a school in the whole UAE.

ADEK Rating

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge is an educational authority for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Based on school inspections, the department provides a rating to every school in Abu Dhabi. For example, the Global Indian International School of Abu Dhabi has a rating of ‘very good’, which implies that the school should be the first choice for parents.

ADEK is involved with various stakeholders and relevant persons of industry groups to maintain high-quality education and sustainable growth of their educational sector. Each year, the organisation conducts inspections to change their previous ratings and allot a new rating to each school based on their performance and growth. As the organisation isn’t attached to any school, their reviews are unbiased and trustworthy. Many parents consider the ratings before admitting their children to Abu Dhabi schools.

School Tour

During the admission process, many schools offer a school tour for interested parents and students to witness the campus, training module, and the facilities being provided by the school. It will help in identifying the school’s strengths and challenges.

The parents should also interact with teachers, staff and observe the school’s students in their natural environment. All these factors will help the parents in deciding if the school will be able to meet their child’s needs. GIIS is one of those schools that welcome parents to observe their campus and make decisions based on the live experience.


The school’s curriculum is one of the most prominent characteristics as it helps in analysing the kind of teaching pattern a particular school follows. It is equally important to visit the website of each school and take a look at the variety of subjects being taught at that school.

Also, observing the school’s technique while teaching i.e. KG School, traditional or modern, speaks volumes about a school. The amount of importance the school gives to co-curricular activities should also be considered as these activities are as important as academics.

Conclusion These are some of the important key points parents should consider before admitting their child to any school in Abu Dhabi, as the schools are responsible to help them grow individually and transform into future leader

By Anurag Rathod

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