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How to choose the best cotton throw pillows for your home space

How to choose the best cotton throw pillows for your home space

Throw pillows can completely get done the makeover of your home. If you ever have to update a room for a season or get together a disparate scheme in your room, all you need to do is carry out a little investment of money and time. When it comes to a throw pillow, you can choose from a variety of colour, fills, fabrics and prints. That is why it can be hard to figure out how to choose the right kind of throw pillows that will work the best in your home. Read further to find some guidelines that allow you to figure out how to choose the right throw pillows.

Throw pillows buying guide

You will be amazed to find about the varied kinds of shapes and sizes in throw pillows. You can get a highly dynamic kind of a look using the right shape and the size of the throw pillow for your single piece of furniture. The various shapes of the throw pillow you can choose from:

Square:  The square shape it the commonest one in the throw pillows. The pillows are available in different sizes namely, 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches. However, you can also find them in sizes smaller or larger than this. What you must do is stick to a particular size of the throw pillows. This makes it easier to find the right throw pillows.

Bolster:  The bolster shape or cylinder-shaped throw pillows will act as support and prop for your arms when you are seated back. These are commonly used in the beds.

Lumbar: getting lumbar throw pillows to have a long and rectangular shape.  These kinds of pillows have been designed for various ornamental purpose and are usually used to act as a combination with a square pillow or t put them on an armchair.

Round pillows:  round pillows are less frequently used but these will form a beautiful choice but these are used to balance the straight are lines in between the rectangular and the square pillows.

Fill of the pillows

Three main kinds of materials are used to fill the pillows. These include:

Down:  Down pillows are long-lasting than the synthetic versions but these can cost two times as much. If your pillows will be used a lot, choose the down pillows. Moreover, the down pillows are highly comfortable and can easily fluff back into shape.

Polyester: These are synthetic fabrics that will prove to be the least expensive fill option making up for a great choice if you are planning to use the toss pillows for decorative purposes. You must ensure that the pillow is tightly packed for ensuing that the lumps and the bumps do not become a problem.

Foam: Foam is the material used in the lumbar and the square pillows. Moreover, it is used commonly used for reshaped common throw pillows as it holds the shape better than the polyester and the down pillows.

Cotton forms a material that is easy to wash and is highly casual. It forms an ideal choice for homes with pets and children.

Color and print:  When it is time to choosing the print of your cotton throw pillow, what you need is to make the right choice using a few expert guidelines:

 Mix the prints but have a plan:  When you decide to get mix and match prints, you can get a cohesive look using a common color palette. You can choose to have different hues of a cotton throw pillow that should not have to match. Moreover, these should be related to the overall scheme of color of a room.

Paying attention to the scale: Varying the scale in the room is another secret to mixing the prints. You must vary the scale both within the room and make sure it complements the throw pillow.

Pull out colours from the surrounding space:  This rule is useful for most of the decorative accents in the room. It is necessary to choose colours based on the textiles and furniture present in the room altogether.

Breaking up the room with solids and neutrals:  A neutral or solid coloured cotton throw pillow is a great way to give the eye some rest in a vast variety of colours and prints.

When it comes to price, always hop from a home decor show that offers premium quality cotton throw pillows at the price that gives you the best value for your money. Make no compromise on the textile quality and embellishments and choose designer fabric that will give you the maximum value for your money.

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