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The summer is at its peak and the need for a cooling system is more than ever. Because accumulated heat can ruin the ambiance and peace of your home in no time. That’s why make sure you install a good cooling system in your home before the start of summer. Still, there are always exceptions and the situation becomes very challenging when it is an older house because it usually doesn’t have a duct. The absence of duct means that a duct-based cooling system isn’t a solution here. That’s why you must turn to reliable ductless AC services to offer you something more suitable for your needs.

1.   Capacity analysis

Before you can install a suitable cooling solution it is important to do a brief analysis of the situation. The best cooling solution is the one that perfectly satisfies all of your requirements. The top concerns are the cooling efficiency and the cost of cooling. Both of them must be in the tolerance zone otherwise the cooling system would be considered an inefficient system. You can start by checking the size of your room and then search for suitable HVAC installation and repair services that can efficiently satisfy your cooling needs.

The best way to do it is to use recommendations by professionals. Every cooling unit has its capacity written in the catalog. You can also use the internet for basic searches and narrow down your list. Once you have a few products in mind it is time to hit the road and see it for yourself. Talk to the vendors and tell them about your requirements and they will tell you whether the product you have in mind is the right choice or not. In case you have doubts you can hire a reliable AC repair replacement service for technical support. After the analysis, they would be able to tell you precisely which product is an appropriate choice.

2.   Focus on ductless systems

When you are living in a house that doesn’t have a pre-installed duct system, the choices are pretty much clear. A lot of people do the mistake of building an external duct system without even realizing how badly it can affect their energy bills. Before you make choices, it is important you understand why the duct systems are actually built. The ducts are installed to provide a fresh air supply or they can be attached to a cooling system to improve the indoor ambiance in summer. The ducts are either installed in the walls or in the roof and the outlet is covered by a grill so it doesn’t look ugly.

So, the first reason why it is installed behind the walls or roof is that it looks ugly on the outside. Just imagine how a metal duct would look inside your home. The second reason for building it hidden behind the walls or roof is to make the whole cooling system more efficient. When the duct doesn’t come in contact with the sun heat it improves the cooling efficiency. The system runs better and it consumes relatively less energy and consequently, your bills are less. That’s why you must use services that can help you with a ductless system rather than building an external duct. 

3.   Consider adding a split AC system

A split AC system is one of the latest and the best ductless cooling systems in practice. It is called a split unit because it has two units. One operates inside the room and the second one operates outdoors. They both have different functions and work together to create an optimal temperature inside your home. The best part is that it doesn’t require a duct to cool down your house. That’s right because it is specifically designed to facilitate consumers that don’t have a pre-built duct in their homes. Both units are connected and they both have different tasks.

The process starts with the indoor unit and it pulls the hot air inside the unit. The indoor unit has a supporting mechanism that filters the air before passing it to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit processes this air and cools it down before sending it back. With their joint effort, the designated place can be cooled down easily without having a duct system. It requires less space and the latest models are highly energy efficient. In short, this is an excellent ductless system that provides you inexpensive cooling with higher efficiency. Just make sure you hire the best ductless service for installation.

4.   Use a window AC

If you don’t have a duct that doesn’t really mean that you are out of options. There’s still another ductless system that can be used. You might have seen or heard about the window air conditioners. They might have gone out of the scene but a lot of people still use that model to cool their homes. It doesn’t require a duct system, instead, it can be installed in a small hole in the window or even in the wall. It is an excellent cooling option that can quickly cool down your home. It is a powerful appliance and its cooling efficiency is a lot better than the modern unit. The only drawback is that older units used to consume more power. However, the technology has evolved, and finding an energy-efficient solution will not be a problem.

All you need is adequate cooling power to cool down your home. The modern units are embedded with an efficient thermostat that can efficiently control the indoor temperature. Since it is a ductless system, you might require the assistance of an expert to fix this unit because adjusting the unit in a window might not be an easy task.

Technology is evolving at an enormous pace, especially the last two decades have seen a lot of new and efficient tech. If you still haven’t figured out what to do about the heat inside your home because you don’t have a duct, then you can also take advantage of the portable technology. That’s right, a portable air conditioner doesn’t require a duct and it can be easily moved around.

By Anurag Rathod

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