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A plasma cutter is the most efficient, fine-tuned, and widely used versatile tool to cut heavy and thick metal easily and quickly. Whether you are manufacturing finished parts of the machine or creating artwork, plasma cutting is the best choice.

Plasma cutting provides the possibility of cutting stainless steel, aluminum, and various other metals. Moreover, it can cut different shapes as required, like square cutting, circle shape cutting, and many other styles. Therefore, it is essential to understand the technology behind plasma cutting and how it is beneficial.

Plasma Cutting

It cuts metals like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel using a plasma torch. In the Plasma arc cutting process, an ionized gas jet with a temperature above 20,000°C melts and expels the material from the cut. The cut we get through plasma cutting is precise compared to any other tool, including oxygen-acetylene torch cutting.

Use of Plasma Cutting

As discussed, an accelerated jet of hot plasma cuts the electrically conductive materials in the plasma cutting process. Moreover, plasma torch cuts brass, copper, and other conductive metals as well. Plasma cutting technique is immensely popular in industrial construction, manufacturing, and repair and restoration of automotive.

Furthermore, its precise cutting and low cost make it an efficient tool for large industrial CNC applications and small companies where people use metals for welding. Plasma cutting and welding include creating an electronic channel of high temperature electrically ionized gas from the cutter to the workpiece. It forms a finished circuit through an earth terminal, back to the plasma cutter.

Compressed gas, including oxygen, air, inert gas, and other elements depending upon the material to be cut, is blown at high-speed using a nozzle into the workpiece. After that, an electric arc forms within the gas between the workpiece and an electrode near the gas nozzle.

The arc created forms an electrically conductive plasma channel by ionizing part of the gas. After flowing through the cutting torch of the cutter, this electric current melt the workpiece as it receives enough heath after passing through the plasma. At the same time, compressed gas and high-speed plasma blows the hot metal away and separates the workpiece.

Plasma cutting is a very effective procedure to cut thin, thick, and heavy materials. Moreover, hand plasma torches can cut 38mm thick steel sheets, while computer-controlled torches can cut up to 150mm thick steel.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting Process

Following are the top reasons why you should use the plasma cutting process to cut various metals.

Plasma Cut is Versatile

Plasma cutting is versatile as we can perform it on diverse types of metals. The electric arc used in the process can easily cut any metal, including brass, copper, aluminum, steel, iron, stainless steel, and many other metals.

Moreover, plasma can easily cut different metals stacked on one another at a very fast speed.

Easy to Use

Plasma cutters are portable, and you can move them from one place to another where your job demands them very quickly. Some plasma circle shape cutters are so portable that only one person can handle them.

Efficient and Quick Cutting

Plasma cutters are usually very quick as compared to any other metal cutting device. They save you a lot of time as they cut thick and thin metals with precision and accuracy in no time.

It is no wonder that plasma cutters complete their cutting job in one-fourth the time than any other cutting tool. Moreover, the plasma cutting tool does not require you to preheat it before using it, saving you more time.

Cutting is precise

Another significant advantage of the plasma cutting tool is that it cuts with precision and accuracy. Therefore, while cutting the different shapes, using the plasma cutter is an excellent choice. Moreover, an experienced operator with steady hands is also necessary to get the clean cut.

Less Expensive

Plasma cutters save you money as they cut fast and save time. Moreover, they are straightforward to use; therefore, on-job accidents and injuries are minimized. It means that the tool’s price comes down from the end-user. Consequently, it is the most cost-effective cutting method than any other cutting method.

Cutting Speed

Speed is the primary factor that brings plasma to the forefront as compared to any other tool. A lot of cutting applications need inside piercing. If we use oxyfuel to cut 15mm, we must preheat the device to about 1000°C, which takes about 30 seconds.

On the other hand, plasma does not require the preheating process and can pierce the workpiece in two seconds. It means that less time will lead to less money charged by the end-user.

Plasma Cutter is Safe

Plasma cutting is a safer process than any other metal cutting process as it does not include highly flammable gas.

Other Tools for Metal Cutting

There are many other metal cutting tools available in the market that cut a variety of materials. Moreover, their cutting method can be very different, and selecting the best tool might confuse you. Therefore, understanding different types of cutters and their use is essential.

Lathe Tool

The lathe is famous for cutting precise shapes, and it is usually very sharp. A sharp cutting tool against a rapidly spinning part in the lathe cut the metal into the desired shape.

Punch Tool

Punch metal cutting tools are efficient to achieve the desired shape. Moreover, it is most suitable for robust metals. It uses immense pressure to push the sharp blades into the metal, which gives a precise shape.

Water Jet Metal Cutting Tool

For metals that are sensitive to extreme heat and temperature, the water jet is essential. Water jet contains water mixed with abrasive compounds. The concentrated jet directed at the metal easily cuts the metal without using heat.

Laser Cutting Tool

The laser cutting tool consists of a high-power laser that cuts flat-sheet metal, piping, and structural material. Moreover, it is exact and uses less energy to cut sheet metal. However, it is best for sheet metal than thicker plates.

Bottom Line

If you need to cut metal at home or have a job requirement, you should buy a plasma cutter as it is the most efficient. Moreover, it saves you time and money. Similarly, it is not dangerous and minimizes workplace accidents.

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