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Creating awareness among the people is a difficult task, although, some steps and tactics can perform this task very effectively. Nowadays, almost everyone knows about how important a green environment is to all of us residing on the planet earth, however, most of us give no importance to making it green. One of the tactics to create awareness and make the public act green is to introduce custom retail bags i.e., green retail bags.

An average family uses approximately 600 retail bags on a yearly basis. Probably you are also one of those who take too man plastic retail bags from every grocer and end up with a huge bag containing many smaller ones in it. These plastic bags for retail may be a handy choice but they may take thousands of years to decompose, thereby causing severe pollution on earth. In fact, the most early produced plastic retail bags are still not close to decomposition, and here we are continuing to produce more and more of them.

Although some of the modern plastic retail bags are biodegradable, they are never recycled and end up burning in landfills releasing toxic gases, or in soil-water polluting the entire environment for all the living organisms living in it.

In many cases, the smallest pieces of plastic move through space and collect in the oceans and seas resulting in the death of aquatic species including dolphins, seabirds, turtles, and whales, etc. Even when the animals die due to plastic and decompose, still plastic fails to decompose and continues to spread pollution and cause more deaths.


Plastic retail bags may be invented to provide convenience in many of the tasks, which they do, no doubt. But, they are also causing problems to the whole of the planet more of the convenience. However, there is an effective way to replace that hazard without compromising convenience. An effective replacement that goes handy, is recyclable, decomposable, and will not cause that much harm to the environment of earth. Paper retail bags are a solution to the hazard caused by polythene bags for retail.

Actions speak louder than words. Once these customized bags will be introduced to the general public, they will create awareness among the public and generalized, they will be more adopted leaving behind the awareness and knowledge about the green environment and its need in the present era.

We just need to perform the whole task in a good manner so that the general public may understand the need and start taking action on creating a green environment more conducive to living a healthier life. 

Some of the steps we can effectively take are:

No Green in the Market:

To create awareness among the people about the negative impacts of plastic retail bags and positive impacts of green custom retail bags, start a campaign such as no plastic in the market. The public will not only be influenced by this campaign but also will start to take action on their own for a more green planet by eliminating plastic from their lives.

Pay for Plastic Bags:

One of the concepts in the minds of the public is that they always avail the free service instead of a paid one. Therefore, here we come across another solution to eliminate plastic and replace it with paper retail bags. When someone gets to pay for the plastic bags, the public will automatically be driven towards the paper retail bags ultimately eliminating a large quantity of plastic from the environment. In England, this idea worked to reduce plastic retail bags from 7 million to 500,000 a year.

Introduce Custom Retail Bags:

Introduce custom retail bags with logos and other stuff printed on them. This way, the public will be more attracted to these green custom retail bags especially kids will be attracted to these paper retail bags if some cartoons or other kids’ material will be printed on them. This will ultimately cause the parents to avail the paper bags for retail instead of polythene and plastic bags thereby reducing the use of plastic retail bags and serving to eliminate the pollution out of the earth.


Kids and teens are very important to raise any type of awareness among the public. Any concept that resides in the minds of kids and teens is more likely to spread all over the country and even all over the world for betterment. Therefore, we should consider creating awareness among kids and teens by conducting workshops and pieces of training about how hazardous are plastic retail bags and how to replace them with paper retail bags. Once kids and teens understand the value and importance of these custom retail bags, half of our task is automatically done since most of them will work voluntarily to replace plastic retail bags with paper retail bags.


Since plastic is an important and hazardous matter in almost every country of the world, we as common residents of earth need to work together to cope with the situation and eliminate the plastic from the environment. Plastic is a non-decomposable material that stays in the oceans and lands for centuries and we still continue to produce it just for the sake of our convenience. 

Now, when we all know, that plastic is a quite hazardous material needed to be replaced; there are several ways to aware the public all over the world about this matter. One of the ways is to introduce paper retail bags or custom retail bags. By using these custom retail bags, the public will be more likely to stop using plastic that will ultimately result in the elimination of plastic and greener earth.

Final Consideration:

Actions speak louder than words. Public all over the world are generally influenced by actions more than knowledge. To increase awareness among the public about the green environment, we need to quit using plastic and polythene retail bags and start using green custom clear retail bags

Apart from this, we can also create awareness among the people through various tactics such as introducing customized paper retail bags, conducting awareness campaigns, and such things. Kids and teens are a vital part of every society. So, taking into consideration the awareness and knowledge as well as training of kids and teens will also play an essential role in the development and adoption of green custom retail bags all over the world.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.