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Why the Custom Printed Boxes are in High Demand

Why the Custom Printed Boxes are in High Demand

Prominent your Product:

The competition between different brands that are selling the same products is getting high day by day. Furthermore, the customers also confused some time which brand is the best or not. The brands itself are in confusion that how to differ and prominent their products from the other brands. The answer is very simple and that is Custom Printed Boxes. These boxes are the best and the most effective solution to differ your brands from the other and to enhance the demand of your brand among the customers. These boxes have such features that not only be helpful for your product sale but also the customers would be truly satisfied with the safety of the product that they are buying.

Different Salient Features:

These Custom Printed Boxes Wholesale have features like the impressive and the protection guaranteed manufacturing style of the boxes, pus the best quality of the materials that would keep your product safe from any kind of outer tension. Also, elaborations are amazing. Like, the vibrant colors, water resist coatings, mesmeric foiling, useful window addition, embossing and debossing to prominent the brand name on the boxes, and many more. You can avail of all of them for your Custom Printed Boxes. There is one more thing that would grab the attention of the customers towards your product and that is the different and unique styles of the boxes.

The Main Lineament of these Boxes:

Furthermore, the main and the most important feature of these boxes is the printing option. The printing is the best way to advertise your brand through the boxes. you can print anything related to your brand as the name, logos, titles, and many more. This option is also helpful in this sense that you can print the usage method of the product, the caution about the products and many more. This would be helpful for the customers and the customers would be impressed by these customers’ helping gestures. The printing options come with different ranges of prices like you can select from them according to the number of your products because most of the printing options that are light on a budget if used for the bulk of the boxes. and most of them are helpful only if used for the limited boxes.

Detailed Boxes’ Styles:

  • Two-piece boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Tuck-end series boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • Gable boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Dispenser boxes
  • Hexagon boxes
  • Octagon boxes
  • Cylindrical boxes

Two-piece Boxes:

These boxes come with two parts. One part is in which you keep the product while the second part is the lid of the first part. Furthermore, these two parts separate from each other while you open the box and fit into each other when you close the box. Moreover, you can use these boxes for sale, promotional, retail, e-commerce, shipment, gift, and many more purposes.

Sleeve Boxes:

Sleeve boxes consist of two parts. These two parts separate from each other oppositely when you open the box and get together when you close the box. Moreover, these boxes give ultimate safety to the product because the grip of these two pieces of the boxes is exceptional.

Tuck-end Boxes:

Such boxes come with the panels and flaps. There are four further types of these boxes like reverse, straight, sealed, and auto-lock. These all types are giving the ultimate appearance and the safety to the product that you would keep in it. You can use these boxes for many purposes like all packed food products, gifts, and many other things.

Mailer Boxes:

This biased saying needs to change that the mailer boxes are just used for the mailing purpose. No, these boxes are now in use for many purposes. In fact for all purposes like for retail, e-commerce and many more. Furthermore, this box style of the Wholesale Custom Printed Boxes is further divided into different types and these are front tuck end, double-wall front tuck end, telescopic boxes.

Gable Boxes:

This style of boxes is mostly in use for food purposes. Additionally, you see these boxes for the takeaway at the restaurants. To make these boxes, cardboard, and cardstock are mostly in use. This style of the box comes in one single color, and it’s the special thing about this style.

Dispenser Boxes:

Mostly in use for retail purposes. You see these boxes on the shelves of the retail shops. Furthermore, these boxes come with space at the downside of it and can easily take out the product form it. Moreover, these boxes are also in use to promote the thing. Example of this style is the tissue papers, inhalers, and many other products.

Advertise your Brands by using Printing Options:

Three printing options that are in the most common use for printing purposes are as follow:

  • Off-set
  • Digital
  • Flexography


This type uses ink for printing. Moreover, there is a use of different plates for printing purposes. The image first formed on the plate, then moved on the other plate to absorb the ink and then on the last plated where on the final place the image gets transferred. This printing is helpful if you use it for the bulk of printing. Additionally, the one drawback of this type is that the final image comes in a blur because of the changing of different plates.



Digital is a printing type that works the same as the printer of any computer does. First, make the image with the help of the software and the different applications and then this final image goes through the large machine printer and forms the final image. This type uses the toner instead of the ink.


Flexography is a modern printing type. This also uses different cylinders and plates for printing purposes. Furthermore, this also works with the low prices if you use it for the printing at large scale.The Cosmetic Boxes are also contributing their part to provide the best Custom Printed Boxes. They are providing these boxes at affordable prices. Also, they are offering the swift and free delivery of these boxes just for the ease and the convenience of their customers.

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