Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a boon for rug and carpet owners. Not only does this method clean the flooring, but it also removes germs, bacteria and fleas! Isn’t it what you were looking for – a rug cleaning technique that can solve all your problems? 

You can perform various cleaning treatments for fleas; however, only steam cleaning can remove them. That’s a highly efficient means of killing fleas in the atmosphere. Steam cleaning is non-toxic compared to chemicals and pesticides. It’s also safe for your family, pets and kids.

What Causes Fleas in Rugs?

Fleas are parasitic parasites that feed on typical household pets such as dogs and cats. Fleas have just two purposes in life: to eat and to breed. They eat by inserting a little beak into their host’s skin and sucking blood; this is comparable to how mosquitos and bed bug infestations feed.

Fleas are not attracted to a house at first, and human blood is not a preferred blood source for them; yet, fleas will attack humans. Fleas usually enter your home through your pets. Once inside, fleas from your pets may decide to spread throughout the house, and carpets are thought to be ideal places for the deposition of flea larvae.

Once pests lay eggs in the rug, an infinite flea life cycle will unfold within your house, with you and the pets supplying food for a whole colony of fleas. It is critical to remove fleas as soon as you identify a problem since the longer the infestation persists, the trickiest it will be to eradicate.

Fleas do not seek out rugs while they are inside a residence. Instead, fleas will spend the majority of their time dwelling on the fur of your dogs. Fleas may lay up to 4000 eggs every day, with the eggs developing in just a few days.

Steps to Remove Fleas from Your Rugs

1. Keep your pets and kids away when you start steam cleaning.

2. The rug cleaning method not only the rugs but also all your furry friend’s blankets and beddings. You can also give a hot water bath to your pet.

3. To remove all hatched eggs, fleas and their larvae – perform this rug cleaning method a few times every week.

4. Keep an eye on dark patches.

5. Use the steam cleaning method for all windows, blinds, bedding and mattress.

Additional Tips to Keep Fleas at Bay

  • Before using the steamer on furniture, carpets, or drapes, make sure to test it first. This cautious approach guarantees that no surfaces are harmed.
  • Wash your rugs, mattresses, pillows thoroughly in hot water because they are probable breeding grounds for fleas.
  • Give your dogs flea treatments frequently since failing to do so will result in a re-infestation of fleas in the house.

Call rug cleaning professionals if you don’t see any results even after applying these methods. The experts can use effective steam cleaning tools to remove fleas from your flooring.

By Anurag Rathod

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