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Worried about Your Data safety? How about using Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Data safety functions to prevent breaches and reduce the risk of information exposure, allowing individuals and businesses to safeguard their data and streamline their operations. The primary purpose of data security is to ensure the safety of private/personal information on your computer or laptop. 

A hard drive encrypted with Bitlocker is challenging to breach, primarily when TPM protects the encryption keys. In today’s article, we will discuss the role of TPM chips and how it streamlines Bitlocker operations. Read on! 

What is TPM?

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module. It is a microcontroller designed that uses cryptographic keys to secure computer hardware. Manufacturers implement TPM as a microchip on a physical level, an additional module you can install into your PC’s motherboard.

You can also install TPM as a virtual emulator. However, this is not an easy task if you don’t have the proper knowledge and skills. We recommend bringing your PC to We Make It Happen to get the job done efficiently, reliably, and affordably. 

Cryptographic keys’ secure generation, storage, and management are the primary function of TPM. It also secures Bitlocker keys. If you to access the TPM, you must use the operating system’s APIs. That way, you can manage encryption keys. 

In addition, if you need extra protection against data threats and breaches, it is crucial to leverage the power of TPM and Bitlocker. The good news is that you can also protect USB drives and physical smartcards with these technologies. 

What is Bitlocker Drive Encryption?

Bitlocker is an advanced data security software that uses symmetric encryption methods. By default, it uses AES-128 for data encryption using legacy (CBC) or new (XTS) mode. The volume master key, also called VMK, encrypts the data. 

There are various ways to make this happen. For example, it is crucial to enable the protector for a given volume to decrypt with the user’s encryption password. Besides, you can decrypt it with a recovery key. When you enable the encryption for the first time, you will automatically generate the recovery key. 

Remember, you can store the key in a file or upload it to your Microsoft Account. After you enable Bitlocker on a disk volume, your operating system will generate a random VMK. Next, you can store the master key in the TPM module, which is encrypted with a recovery key. 

The disk header then stores the encrypted volume master key. So, when you restart your PC, the operating system zeroes out all PCR registers, the OS kernel unlocks the encrypted volume and uses the volume master key from the TPM module. 

Next, the TPM module checks the PCR registers to analyze the chain of trust. The primary purpose of using Bitlocker is to protect your computer, hard drive, and other devices against data threats, breaches, and intrusions. 

Not only does Bitlocker encrypts the entire drive, but it also provides additional security using the TPM module. We Make It Happen can set up and configure the Bitlocker on your PC, allowing it to save keys to the Active Directory of your Microsoft account automatically. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can make changes to Bitlocker using the Local Group Policy Editor. Make sure you make changes to the XTS-AES 256-bit to ensure increased protection. 
  • You can set a hard-to-crack password instead of using the six-digit pin. We recommend using numbers, characters, and special characters to set a strong password. That way, you can prevent hackers and criminals from cracking your password. The strong encryption with TPM will take millions of years to decrypt the password. 
  • Save your password somewhere safe because if you forgot it, you could never recover it. Although you can use the default four to six-digit pin, it is easy to crack the pin. So, we recommend setting a strong password and remembering it to get the most out of your data safety techniques using TPM technology with Bitlocker. 

Final Words

Bitlocker, when combined with TPM, offers additional security to your computer and other devices. Using Bitlocker is one of the unique encryption methods that provide high-level protection to your private data. 

Remember, the most sophisticated intelligence agencies in the world, such as the FBI, CIA, Mi6, and others, can’t breach your computer when you have Bitlocker installed. Make sure you hire a professional computer expert to install and configure Bitlocker on your PC based on your needs. 

You can contact a reputable computer repair shop to complete the job and achieve your data security goals. The computer experts will correctly set up and configure BitLocker to mitigate the risk of unauthorized data access through file and system protection.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.