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Web hosting is the need for every business organization that wants their business to grow on the online platform. The need for web hosting results starts when a business owner wanted to switch their traditional business to an online or ecommerce business.

Many business owners do not have the required knowledge about buying hosting plans. We recommend you to connect with the IT consultants or a person who is familiar with the technical know-how of IT-related things. There are different types of web hosting and choosing the right type of web hosting that is capable of catering to all your website needs is highly essential.

Commonly known web hosting includes shared hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting. Different hosting is used for different types of websites as the entire website has different traffic and other resources need. Moreover, Hostnetindia hosting plans come with all the requirements needed by the buyer. Let’s dig into the basics of web hosting.

Web Hosting at Hostnetindia

If you are planning to construct a website you must not be aware of what is web hosting. Let’s know about web hosting first. The creation of a website works with the creation of various files and folders that are important to run the website. These files need a space to store s that they can be accessed by the viewer. This space is provided by a hosting provider for a monthly fee. Hostnetindia provides you the best hosting services at cheap and affordable prices.

Now it’s the responsibility of the host to provide you space on the server mostly in the data centers. Not to mention these hosting providers should assure all-time availability just like Hostnetindia to make your website available all-time.  

A hosting provider will be responsible for all the software updates, server maintenance, and troubleshooting, etc. 

In short, web hosting is an internet hosting service that allows the buyer to make their website live or accessible to the internet or the World Wide Web. We offer all the type of shared hosting including shared hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting. 

Why Hostnetindia is the best hosting provider?

The success of your website highly depends upon your hosting provider. If you choose a low-quality service provider it can harm your website in multiple ways. Let’s look at the multiple ways how a web hosting provider can influence your website performance and why we say Hostnetindia is the best hosting provider. 

Website Security 

Good quality hosting provides you regular website backups and other security installations and methods to protect your site on the web servers. If you look at a glance website security is easy to maintain if you are aware of cybercrimes.

If you are taking care of all your website security needs which include system and software updates, installation of firewall and security plugins, and more but you do not own a web host which provides you tight security this can result in a waste of resources and efforts. Hostnetindia guarantees bulletproof security for your website and hence we keep security at the topmost priority. We provide an SSL certificate for no cost to ensure website security. 

High-Quality Support 

A non-working site can result in business loss. Many websites go onto the offline mode because of some codes present on your site but there can be a different reason behind your non-working website. Yes, you may face this type of problem because of your hosting providers. 

To resolve this issue you must have a hosting provider who is available 24*7 for you and your queries. An expert support team by your hosting provider may help you to turn your website on as many site owners do not have high technical skills. Hostnetinida having an expert team of professionals is available for you all the time to keep your website operations smooth and running all the time. 

High performance and 99% Uptime

If you are a firm that’s dependent upon website lead generation having downtime can cost you much higher than ever. There can be various reasons for your site getting offline. A web hosting provider can influence a site to a high extent. Hostnetindia provides an uptime guarantee of 99.9% so that your site is up and running anytime and anywhere. In case your site is facing a lot of downtimes it’s time to switch your web hosting provider. 

Increase your sites SEO 

Site ranking matters a lot when you make your website live on the search engine. If your website is taking a lot of time to load your viewers may get frustrated and will leave the site and switch to the other in just seconds. This will give a poor user experience and will result in a high bounce rate.

This can be because of various things like if you are using the old coded theme or have various plugins on your site. One major reason o slow loading times for your website is your hosting provider. A good hosting provider will let you know about when to upgrade your hosting package if you are getting high traffic and your site is getting slow even after optimizing it. 


We ensure that our customers get the best of the hosting services at a pocket-friendly cost. We do not compromise quality with quantity. Our hosting plans are cheap and affordable. Our shared hosting starts from just Rs. 39 which includes Unlimited FTP Accounts, 1 GB Disk Space, Unlimited Sub Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Monthly Backup, Host 1 Website, and Unmetered Transfer. Talking about our cloud hosting basic plans it starts with just Rs. 499 which includes Linux/Windows, 1 vCPU, 50 GB SSD Storage, 1 TB Bandwidth, 1 GB RAM, 1 Dedicated IP, and so on. 


In conclusion, you must have now understood the basics of web hosting and why it is important for your online presence. We recommend conducting the proper research before buying any plans. Hostnetindia offers you the best in service hosting packages at an affordable price with all-time support and availability. 

By Anurag Rathod

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