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As we spend most of our time at home, the gush or sudden surge for renovating your house is simply irresistible or may arise at any time. You certainly can give your home a complete overhaul.

But, to be honest, if at the moment you find it tedious to appoint a professional interior designer for a full décor reboot. Do not fret a bit. The good news is you can do it all by yourself. All it takes a smart planning, creative eye, and how you can repurpose.

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Folks, rather than eagerly or you may say begrudgingly waiting for a renovation you could give your home a total overhaul with furnishing that is already there.

Re arrange your living area

Yes, you heard it right! You must have heard the famous phrase that says “Change is the only constant” and the same goes to your home upgrade, right! To make the place extra cozy, pleasant and welcoming you can place some snuggly rugs to amp up the comfort you are looking for right now.

Sort through Your storage

It’s high time to take a peek in storage as you all homeowners are well versed with the fact that style is cyclical and of course style and trends tend to come back with bang.

Have you got the hint? Yes, that traditional furniture accessories, once you relegated to the basement or storeroom, may actually be back in fashion. It is a high time to dust them off and bring or introduce them back into décor.

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Bring a touch of outdoors in

Collect a bunch of fresh flowers or even greenery to introduce a touch of greenery inside. Its time to introduce natural elements.

Rethink your windows

As we live in such testing times where social distancing is highly encouraged. Most of the time is spent staring outside the window as usual. But, to be frank, have you ever wondered why not make it a comfy perch. Tie back curtain tight with ribbon or a piece of fabric you may have spare and make sure your window is not unnecessarily blocked by furniture or accessories. You could also reposition a comfy and cozy chair or maybe you have an upholstered bench that you can place I bet, this could be a perfect spot for lounging and impromptu video calls.

Give your house a beautiful edge just by incorporating creative ideas and a Lil bit of planning.

I hope the above ideas have enticed you and you will surely incorporate them to give style update to your house. You can also restyle your furniture such as sofa and introduce some beautiful lightings and create a warm vibe that visitors will cherish.

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