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A balanced diet is often an important part of a healthy way of life, but particularly important when you’re pregnant. Healthy eating helps to make your baby feel good and provides them the necessary nutrients in the womb. Opt for a Healthy diet plan for women.

Overall, aims at a healthy diet, integrating all 5 food groups accordingly:

  • Legumes and vegetables
  • Brots and grains
  • Yogurt, Milk and Cheese
  • Meat, poultry , fish and substitutes
  • Plant Plant Fruit
  • The baby is supported by protein foods. All healthy sources of protein are meat, poultry , eggs, milk, cheeses, nuts, boas and legumes.

Try drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day most town water contains fluoride that encourages the production of healthy enamel in your baby teeth. There is no fluoride in some sources of water like tank water.

You may find that you are hungry, but you don’t have to eat for two – even when you expect twins or triplets.

Get a nutritious breakfast everyday because it will help reduce snacks in high-fat and high-sugar foods.

Good eating also involves just changing the quantities of various foods you consume so that your diet is diverse instead of removing all your favorites.

If you develop gestational diabetes, you need to be careful about your diet – your doctor or sister-in – law will warn you.

Outdoors and Stones

Eat enough, since these have vitamins , minerals and fibers to absorb and stop constipation of fruits and vegetable products. Day after day you eat a variety of fruit and vegetables — fresh , frozen, canned , dried or juiced. Wash them attentively all the time. To take advantage of the nutrients they contain, cook vegetables slightly in some water or eat them coarse but well washed.

Carbohydrates in starchy foods

Starchy foods are an essential source of fiber and vitamins without too much calorie. Meat, patates, cereal breakfasts, rice , pasta, nuts, millet, oats, fruit, yam and cornmeal are also included. The key part of all meals should be these ingredients. When possible, eat the whole meal rather than refined (white) types.


Protein sources are meat (but avoid liver), poultry , eggs, beans, pulses / beans and nuts, and fish that have high mercury content such as shark / flake, marlin, or longbow / sword-cod. During each day, eat some protein. Choose lean meat, strip the skin and cook with a little fat.

Make sure you are served all along with eggs , meat, pork, burgers and sausages. Check for the lack of rosé meat and for the lack of rosé and red juices in it. Try to eat 2 fish portions a week, including oily fish including mackerel and sardines.

The sweetheart

Dairy foods are vital because they have calcium and other nutrients your baby requires, such as milk , cheese & yogurt. Whenever possible, choose reduced-fat varieties. There are also cheeses to avoid — see Foods for avoidance.


During your pregnancy, there is no healthy alcohol level. If you are pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not safe to drink because alcohol will hurt your baby unborn.

Allow sugar, fat and salt-high foods

These foods include fat (for example, butter), oils, salad dressings, cheese, crisps, cookies, pastries, ice cream, pastries, pudding and fizzy drinks. These foods are available on the market. Only a limited number of these items can be consumed. Sugar contains calories and can lead to weight gain, obesity and tooth decay without supplying adequate nutrients.

Fat is rich in calories and it is likely that you will eat more fatty foods. With too much saturated fat, the cholesterol in the blood will increase, which increases the risk of developing cardiac disease. Try to eliminate saturated fat and use foods high in polyunsaturated or unsaturated fat, such as oils, spreads, butter and avocado.

Allow foods that contain salt added and do not use salt at table or cooking. Along with women there is Healthy diet plan for men.  

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