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Be it the ancient literature or the stories from the king’s courts, the healing and mystical powers of minerals and gemstones are not breaking news.

Since time immemorial, gems and minerals have been used to signify wealth and as a shield against ill-faith and omens. And when it comes to health and medicinal benefits, silver has stayed at the top of the list.

The health benefits and healing properties of silver are not mere hearsay. Those silver earrings and amulets worn by ancestors had some purpose.

In fact, the same has now been scientifically proven with solid research.

Read on to learn some absolutely amazing health benefits of wearing silver jewelry.

Antimicrobial Properties

There is ample research and scripture data to prove that silver has excellent antimicrobial properties. A silver serpentine pendant that you might be wearing does more than enhance your beauty.

The silver ion is positively charged (Ag+). In a positively charges state, these ions interact with the bacterial cell wall causing an influx of silver inside the bacteria. As a result, the energy production ability of the bacteria goes down, and its growth gets inhibited.

A similar action is seen with other microbes as well, including fungus, viruses, protozoan, etc.

Wearing silver jewelry protects the body from infections that can cause cold and flu. It also helps in healing wounds.


Homeostasis maintains the basic chemistry of our body. A lot of people look for the best place to buy gemstone jewelry for some of the other ailments.

An imbalance of substances causes the majority of the problems in the body, and this includes heat.

Thermal regulation and proper circulation are necessary to maintain the healthy functioning of the body.

Silver is a cool mineral. Keeping a piece of silver jewelry close to the body cools down the access heat being generated. That helps in re-establishing the thermal balance and result in improved energy levels.

It also helps in channelizing mood swings better and helps to improve the overall immunity of the body.

In fact, the natural healing properties of silver are so strong that it counterbalances any electrical disturbances outside the body. It helps in improving circulation and maintaining an overall body temperature.

Antibiotic and Sterilization Properties

Many gemstone jewelries like moldavite rings, sapphire, emerald, etc., are worn for their magnificent magical properties. Some bring prosperity, some bring good luck, and some are known for improving health.

Silver is also known for its antibiotic and sterilization properties. As mentioned earlier, silver provides a barrier against multiple infections.

This antimicrobial property makes it a natural sterilizer. That is precisely why silver is not just famous amongst jewelers but also medical device manufacturers.

Silver is very commonly used in medicines used for blood vessels as well as skincare products.

Silver helps blood vessels maintaining their elasticity and repairs any damage caused to the bone. It also helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and provides a lovely natural glow.

Indicator for Toxicity

Many gemstones and minerals are strong indicators of some of the other types of toxicity in the body. They tend to change color if there is some toxic imbalance in the body. The same effect is seen with silver as well.

If your body starts developing elevated sodium levels, any piece of silver jewelry touching your body will turn blue.

Such external indicators can be your checkpoints to rectify any ailment, which can later become bigger.

Protection from Radiation

Silver has properties that can prevent you from getting exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Many people prefer wearing silver-lined gloves to protect themselves from constant radiation emissions from laptops or phones.

Silver is an excellent conductor that interacts with your skin and its natural conductivity. It creates a barrier against transmission, thus protecting you from the harmful effects.


A lot of people are not fond of the idea of wearing any type of jewelry. The reason for it is that they are allergic to the metal or gemstone used in the making.

Luckily for such people, silver comes as a blessing. Silver is one of the least reactive as well as least allergenic metals. It is suitable for every type of skin.

You don’t have to worry about getting a bad rash. You can flaunt your beautiful jewelry with pride.

Helps with anxiety

Silver jewelry can also help you in case of anxiety issues.

The calm nature of the mineral gives the wearer a sense of calm and relaxation. The vibe and energy of the mineral helps in reducing anxiety. It also brings a sense of stability to the person.

The effects have proven to be quite therapeutic for many people.

Helps in Arthritis

There is research available that proves that wearing a particular type of silver ring can help to ease joint pains.

Arthritis can be a painful chronic illness, especially when you reach a certain age. Medication might not prove to be a solution every time. Often there are more side effects than cures.

Using a simple silver ring can help you cope with your pains and help you relax your joints.

To Sum It Up

Despite being used by humans for ages, the health benefits that come with silver are still surprising. More research has shown that the mineral has a lot more potential than we know about.

Wearing a piece of silver jewelry, or a pretty ring or even a chain will make you look pretty and stay healthy.

With the rise of e-commerce, you don’t even have to step outside to get some quality grade silver jewelry. You can now buy the best gemstone jewelry online.

Invest in some good-quality silver jewelry today, and you can reap its benefits for a lifetime.

By Anurag Rathod

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