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Uber paved the way for taxi apps. When no one knew how to use their smartphones to book rides, Uber gave the whole system of transportation a big shake. But just as Uber made a big leap when it came to the western market, Grab was victorious in the Asian belt. Check Grab taxi reviews.

Grab, which was previously known as GrabTaxi, is an Uber-like taxi booking app-based service that offers rides, lifts, and on-demand taxi services. Their concept is very similar to that of Uber and they have simple general rates for rides based on the car, the city, and waiting times.

While most local taxi services are unreliable in a lot of places, Grab basically enables you to book rides through your smartphones, just by tapping on the screen a couple of times. The beauty of the app is that it allows you to book taxis through the app and make payments through the app itself or even by using cash.

Boon for Foreigners

The most common way to get cheated in any foreign country is by local taxis or local transportation unless it is a legitimate one. However, with a central app for taxis like Grab, people know that the cab driver is a legitimate one. The app requires drivers to upload documents to ensure that they are legitimate.

Also, with the app, the fares are clear right from the beginning. When the user mentions his pick up and drops locations, the app will automatically calculate the price. This way, there is no room for over-charging or bargaining.

The origin of Grab Taxi

When a classmate complained about the state of hailing taxis in Malaysia in the year 2011, Anthony Tan, who was a Harvard Student at that time, came up with an idea of making an app like Uber for the Asian geography. With the backing of good investors, he was able to launch this Grab Taxi booking service in the year 2012 as MyTeksi. This later took the shape of Grab Taxi which is now popularly known as Grab.

Grab’s playing field

Grab is known to offer services in 30 cities throughout

  • Malaysia,
  • Philippines,
  • India,
  • Thailand,
  • Singapore,
  • Vietnam,
  • Indonesia.

Grab enables you to schedule taxi bookings up to 7 days in advance. You can choose the pickup point, drop off point, time, and choose whether your travel is for private or company reasons. You can keep specific notes for the driver with added information on where to find you or how to identify you. To do this, the User will simply need to download the app from the Google Play store or the iTunes store and then sign up using Google, Facebook, and Mobile Number and verify your mobile number.

Why Would Drivers Sign Up with Grab?

The thing that most people wonder is, when there is a flat rate and the drivers have no rights to charge as per their convenience, why they would want to sign up with them? The biggest reason is that Grab has amassed a good amount of a User base. More and more people are turning to use mobile apps for taxi booking. This means that people don’t choose to get a taxi even if it is waiting right in front of them. It is convenient to go through an app.

Not only does this empower the users, but it also makes it extremely convenient for the Drivers to find quick rides. People also sometimes prefer not to pay by cash. Grab is an excellent solution there. It has an in-app wallet that allows people to pay directly through it. It is known as GrabPay.

On the whole: Grab Taxi Reviews

The bigger picture here is that every business has to be user-centric. But in an app like this, both the Drivers as well as the Riders are equally important. This is why it is of utmost importance that the app is intuitive. It has to be user-friendly for all the parties involved. You can launch your own app like Grab.

By Anurag Rathod

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