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For advertisers, having a high-quality score on Google is crucial for a successful PPC campaign. High Google Ad quality scores help them reach their target audience, enhance engagements, increase clicks, and conversions.

Google automatically assigns an ad quality score of 6 each time a new keyword is added to an account. The factors that influence the quality score are ad relevance, landing page experience, and expected CTR. based on these factors, your Google ads quality score may skyrocket or plummet.

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Understanding and mastering the metrics for the quality score tends to be confusing for many advertisers. Therefore, this post will simplify the understanding of the metrics to increase your Google Ad Quality Score. Increasing this score will aid in reducing costs and a better positioning of Google Ads.

What is Google Ad Quality Score?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that a quality score is a metric used by Google to rate the relevance and quality of your ad copy and landing page. The score is determined based on three factors which are expected click-through rate, landing page user experience, and relevance to search intent. The score of your Google ad can vary from 1 to 10, 10 being on the higher end.

Why advertisers aim for a high Quality Score is to rank their ads better and pay less whenever visitors click on their ads. If the relevance of your ad copy and landing page is high, the better will be the ad rank. Therefore, optimizing your quality score offers you a higher ROI on your ad spend.

How to increase your Google Ad Quality Score to 8+?

Here are a few ways to increase your Quality Score above 8 for branded and high-intent keywords.

  • Single-keyword ad groups

Usage of appropriate keywords in your ads is extremely important to reach your target audience. When your ads are relevant to the keywords that people are searching for, it improves the quality score. Therefore, it’s recommended to use single-keyword ad groups to keep your ads focused on target customers and match their search intent. SKAGs are ad groups with only one keyword in Google Ads.SKAGs help PPC advertisers have increased control over their account structure. 

It helps reduce ad spend by getting a genuinely interested audience to click on your ad. Therefore, you pay for clicks that have a higher potential of converting to buyers. So when your landing pages and ads are relevant to the search intent of people, they will get what they are looking for when they click on your ad and may end up becoming your customers. SKAGs improve your Quality Score and increase your click-through rate (CTR) without compromising results.

  • Optimize your landing page

As mentioned earlier, one of the factors that Google uses to determine the Google Ads Quality Score is the landing page experience. So, it goes without saying that the landing page experience should be optimized for your users. This includes enhancing the loading speed, checking the target keywords, reliability, and other factors that impact the user experience.

Essentially, the landing page quality is based on Navigability, transparency, and relevance and originality of the content. To increase the quality of your landing pages ensure that there are relevant ads on it, the page loads fast, the page is clear and easy-to-navigate, and lastly, Google should be able to crawl the page successfully. 

  • Enhance mobile performance

A lot of users access the internet through their smartphones, therefore, Google also analyzes the mobile performance on different devices to determine your ad quality score. Moreover, it is also important to increase the loading speed of your landing pages and website as the mobile loading speed also impacts the quality score directly. This makes it important to optimize your landing pages and ads for mobile devices.

When you enhance the mobile performance of your ads and landing pages, the overall Google ad quality score also increases. To improve the tablet and smartphone ad experience for your target audience, you can install mobile-friendly extensions while creating your ad. For instance, you can use a click-to-text extension to enable users to send you a message quickly by clicking on the ‘Send Us a Text’ icon.

  • Test your ad copy

Another way to get a Google Ad Quality Score of 8+ in your campaigns is by testing your ad copy. Test your ad copy to identify what is best for your target audience and in turn, it will increase the CTR and relevance of your ad. For instance, you are offering robotic process automation services and have developed a landing page. You can experiment with your call to action to test which one receives more clicks.

You can also try out different ad formats, copy, and images if you are running your ad campaign on Google Display Network. Through this network, Google displays your ads on various sites. You can test your ads on different sites and also use Google Ads Suggestions to find more ideas. Testing your ad copy can help you improve your CTR and ad campaigns.

These methods will not only aid in getting a Google Ad Quality score of 8+, but they will also help reduce your campaign costs and enhance the ads’ exposure. Also, improving your Google Ad Quality store is a constant process rather than a one-time thing. The key to maintaining a good quality score across the board is continuous testing,

By Anurag Rathod

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