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Benefits of Good TCM & Acupuncture Slimming in Singapore for Weight Loss

Benefits of Good TCM & Acupuncture Slimming in Singapore for Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore is emerging as the best choice for good TCM Singapore. This ancient practice has gathered much attention recently with an increase in people considering it for various ailments, even including medical treatment. Find out the benefits of this ancient type of medicine in this article!

Benefits of Good TCM in Singapore

The word “terrain” is French for structure. Terrain can also refer to our physique, representing our natural predisposition towards a particular temperament or basic type of constitution. In TCM culture people are classified into different types or seasons that represent their inherent energies, or “territories”. There are said to be eight total – pure Yang, Yang with Yin, Yin with heart/kidney/spleen organs and function, yin with blood yin organ and function, Yang-Qi unique function territory, Yin-Qy unique function territory and Pure Qi unique function territory.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, is a well-researched form of complementary and alternative medicine that supports overall health. It is based on the concept that the body’s vital energy works with six organs in order to balance itself out. If that vital energy becomes unbalanced, it will try to find its way back to normal by restoring these imbalances through natural means. Many people still think of TCM as a substitute for Western Medicine; but looking at the future, it will be mainstream MCM.  This blog is for readers to find out the benefits of good TCM. People who are taking medicine or supplements rely on their doctors who fully understand how important it is to monitor your health. There are some side effects that are almost guaranteed with any drug, but better safe than sorry.

Acupuncture Slimming Singapore for weight loss

Acupuncture is sometimes referred to as the ancient art of healing with needles. That’s exactly what you get when you receive acupuncture treatment, but there are a lot more benefits that many people don’t know about. It may sound weird, but acupuncture for weight loss can help you safely and naturally lose weight so fast that you no longer need willpower or dieting. Now, to know how acupuncture slimming Singapore for weight loss really works.  It was found that using acupuncture to get rid of hunger would cause weight loss. It does this by stimulating the production of corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) which tells your body to decrease appetite. This has been shown to be effective in people with obesity, who did not respond well to normal diets.  Acupuncture is one of the traditional practises that TCM therapists use. It’s a process that involves applying stimulation to the body, including needles being inserted in certain key areas. The stimulation can have a different effect on regions of the body depending on its length and depth.  Acupuncture is to treat the root cause of your health complaints, such as weight loss. Its benefits include: alleviating pain and inflammation, improving overall mood and relieving tension, blood pressure and circulation rehabilitation, and enhancing sleep quality.

Vein diagnosis in Singapore

Venous thromboembolism is a kind of blood clot in deep veins which can form in the lungs, heart, other organs or brain. It is a common condition that usually occurs after a long period of sitting or moving a lot, but it can also happen if you have a blood clot before you start exercising.  A new study checked the health records of Singaporeans, and found that people who had had more than five blood tests done on their veins over the past eight years were more adaptable to lifestyle changes. Vitamin D deficiency has now been identified as one of the leading perpetrators contributing to vein diagnoses. In Eastern countries such as China and Singapore, TCM is actually getting more popular due to the population being quite health conscious. Though there is easy access to general doctors, Dr Shencheng Dr Huang talks about the benefits of a good TCM diagnosis for a first screen of a first-time patient. A first-time patient with a first or new diagnosis might naturally have less worry about the possibilities of acquiring an ailment.

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