gojek clone on demand app

On-Demand Apps have been around for a while – at least in the “Pandemic Times”.

And these Multiservices apps continue to grows…

So, lt seems obvious that you are here reading this blog you are in planning to develop one. That’s the good news.

So, now that it has raised my curiosity, I would like to ask which On-Demand App you wish to build? Don’t tell me it’s “GOJEK CLONE”.

Gojek Clone attracts hundreds of potential entrepreneurs every month, largely because of the type of On-Demand Services it can offer.

Entrepreneurs get hyper when they see some new product/services in the market and wish to build like one. They simply want to generate SALES, everyone does. But, like them, you too don’t know how to.

Always Asks Questions – How Will I Benefit Building Gojek Clone?

Are you buying the Readymade On-Demand Multi-services App because everyone is buying? Then what’s the point of becoming different?

By asking questions like

  • How is this app going to benefit me?
  • Do you have a vision, goal while launching an app like Gojek?
  • With no prior experience, will I be able to handle the technicalities?
  • How will this app will make me SERIOUS MONEY?
  • What kind of customers will come to my app?
  • What kind of services they will be using the most and so on?
  • Are you going to hire in-house developers or buy Readymade Gojek Clone Script?
  • Which technologies to implement, OS platforms, features and services, etc.?

By asking questions every time, you will get the clarity of developing an app product that your customers like.

There is no point in having a brilliant Gojek Clone App launched in the stores and does no BUSINESS. Many entrepreneurs are been into this situation and trust me you don’t want to join the bandwagon.

Of course, that’s why we are here remember? In this post, we are going to take a look at how you can do just that – GROW YOUR MULTI SERVICES BUSINESS WITH GOJEK CLONE.

To successfully Build Gojek Like App you will have to:

Do Extensive Market Research

I know I know you might be thinking the same old boring stuff but it isn’t.

So, when you are not aware of the Gojek Clone or say you aren’t fully known about it the best way to start is research. It will help you to make informed decisions.

Let’s understand this with an example – If you want to prepare a surprise meal for your spouse. You have zero clue from where to start. So, what shall you do? You will either buy recipe books, go through YouTube Videos.

In the same way, doing the research will give you that edge over what others have missed. You want to make sure that you are Developing Gojek like App for the customers that exist.

You Have To Stand Out

There are over hundreds and thousands of On-Demand Multiservies App in the store and the number is rising.

This just means, launching an App like Gojek is going to be competitive. So, how will you stand out from them?

You have to think above and beyond. Sadly, there is no one-fit rule answer to this. And that’s when an experienced App Development Company steps in. They know what it takes to make a Successful Gojek Clone App. The app development team is well-versed and expertise in providing the app build with all the right elements that flourish your business.

Building Gojek Clone App with New Features & Improved Functionalities and doing something different like implementing monetization strategies that are beneficial to your customers, pitching them different promo codes etc. can help you stand out.

Gojek Clone is All About “THEM”

Your Gojek Clone App shouldn’t be about you. Do not make an app for yourself. This mistake is often seen in in-app owners that build multiservices apps like how they like. That’s wrong. Building an app that caters to more than 70+ multi-services has to be all about YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Having user-centric services your app will never be able to develop a deeper connection with your users. And having a deeper connection means generating more money in the future.

No Man Is An Island

You intend to develop Gojek like the app because you want to multiply your income and double, triple the sales.

The customer is a king. Either they will make or break your app, it all depends on what you are offering in your On-Demand Multiservices App. This can be known through your customer’s feedback. If you don’t respond to what they say and are asking to have in your app, your customer base will slowly die down.

Just take an example – You are talking to your friend and they are consistently ignoreing you, how will you feel? You will stop talking to them one day right?

Don’t be ignorant towards your customers. Ensure that you respond to your customers. Also not just in your app feedback but if you have setup up social media accounts, make sure you hear them and act where there needs an improvement.

People Won’t Come Back To Your App Unless You Ask Them To

The best customers are the “REPEAT CUSTOMERS”. Your customers will keep coming back to your app when you offer them something exclusive. When you offer them something other APPS are not offering.

The best ways to do this are “Promo Codes” and “Referral Programs”. Gojek Clone App Features like Location wise Push-notifications, Banner Homepage and Promo codes allow the admin to customize the promotional campaigns choosing a specific location/region to target customers.

You will see that people who are seeing these ads and using promo codes are converting into loyal customers.

While Monetization Include Personal Touch

Launching an app like Gojek with one or two monetization strategy. What will you do if that monetization strategy didn’t work? Thus, it is safer to have multiple monetization strategies that’ll make more money.

For example, getting commission on every order. Also charging commission from delivery drivers canceled orders, etc.

When you decide to build this Super App, think about most of the monetization strategies that enables you to make more money.

You can encourage 3rd party ad banners, sell relevant merchandise, etc. that gets you more customer traffic to your app. Allowing your users to put stories and sharing on the social media will add as feedback, boosting your app rating.

You Have To Upgrade Regularly

As your Gojek Clone starts rolling don’t think you have done the job. You will have to update and make sure that is maintained offering seamless services.

Keep updating your app with New Features, improved functionalities, or your users will find it boring and leaves your app for new. Keep providing them with new deals, and discounts, Free delivery, happy hours shopping, loyalty programs, etc. that keeps coming back to your app for more.

Your Gojek Clone Isn’t “KING” in On-Demand Market Unless Its Good

You are producing the best app in the world. Integrated with the latest technology, usual features, and same old navigation.

In other words, having an app built like Gojek isn’t enough. It won’t do well and your time and money both are wasted. So, don’t Buy Gojek Clone Script that is age-old.

Purchase Gojek Clone Script Solution from a reputed app development company like V3Cube. Their team works on the latest market trends, offering scalable solutions that are unmatchable. Their Gojek Clone App Solutions are upgraded frequently and instilled with New Fresh Features 2021 ensuring that their clients stay ahead in the business race.


Everyone talks about Building Gojek Clone App from a technical viewpoint. From how you design and develop and even how you market it but very few entrepreneurs focus on strategies.

If you don’t follow the above strategies, you will find in the same line those app owners whose apps don’t get any traction.

And if there is a bit of luck on your side and you gain customers, not considering the above-mentioned growth strategies you will see that your customers are soon abandoning your app.

Technicalities are not important but understanding how Gojek Clone can GROW YOUR Business is crucial.

By the end of this post, you’ll have the information that you need to go out and create a perfect Revenue Generating Gojek Clone App brimming with the customers.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.