Geotargeting molding SEO services

If you’ve successfully launched your platform online, you must have already considered or might want to in future, optimising your website and app to check the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. After all, SEO Services go hand in hand with content and digital marketing so you understand better the gains and losses after a series of promotional activities. This ultimately feeds our purpose to gain more engagement and channelise our funds and strategies to increase sales. Be it email marketing, digital ads, reach or impressions, all require good search engine optimisation for an enhanced conversion rate. Further through an optimised website, you can collect first hand data of consumer interactions and behaviours which offer intelligent insights that help you grow and function smarter and better in the future. It sure is good but is it enough? This system even at its best can’t take care of the differences among the target audience, alone.  

When you make your platform go digital, you automatically unlock the opportunity for it to go global. With easy world wide internet connectivity, quick online payment modes and rapid shipping services, the vision of a hyper – connected virtual global marketplace isn’t a far fetched dream which essentially increases the chance of executing an international business plan. But how can you ensure consumer attraction towards your platform let alone buying products or services from you? Businesses try and try to get engagement and boost sales in our own country and fail even when it’s a familiar culture. 

How can one strategize marketing for an alien culture? It’s obvious that you can’t possibly offer the exact same services and products as you do in your country, even if you do, the way you sell them can’t be the same. But didn’t this issue solve itself the moment you realised that you have something to offer to the international market? Yes, now that you have a range of products for your domestic market and international market, you just need to show them to the right people at the right time. That’s where Geolocation enters with drum rolls. 

Taking the example of the international reach of Geolocation based SEO is just to let you be aware of the maximum benefits that it offers, if used correctly, to scale your business. It works just as wonderfully and rather easily, relatively, for the domestic market too, say for different states. The whole idea of Geolocation is based on the premise that you don’t have a control over the crowd that visits your website or worse yet, none of these people are alike even when the case at hand is of your home country. Not to mention, these differences include those of region, religion, culture, language etc. If your current marketing strategy is one-size-fits all type, it’s doomed. Your content has to be versatile enough to engage a diverse traffic. More importantly, this engagement should meet its ultimate purpose of existence, sales conversion. 

This method of providing customised content to the right people at the right time and most importantly, right place is called geo – targeting. 

If you’re an avid traveller, you’d know that as soon as you change states within the same country, you start seeing advertisements in either that state’s local language (holds true in case of India) or witness online ads for certain services that are available in that state only that pertain to your past buying behaviour . How does that happen? It’s because all apps and websites take our permission to access our location for better service. This is made possible by geo location on our phones that’s synced with the SEO websites that we use. Suddenly we start seeing ads by food delivery apps that we use to serve the delicacy of that state or by online grocery stores that we check to get a seasonal fruit of that region because our phone tracks where we go and companies use this data to push customised ads our way. This, in most cases, is highly beneficial for both parties. You get to experience all things good locally and brands get their sales, of course. This is applicable in another way too. If a new user from another country uses your global app, they’ll find suggestions based on their observed behaviour and geographical location information. 

Now how is geo targeting different from geo fencing? In fencing one ad is shown to everyone in a specific geofence area unlike geo targeting that show ads only to a certain group of potential customers that meet a demographic criteria, behaviour, product or service interest or Geographic Location. While both these services have a lot in common, they’re still as different as tea and coffee. 

Geo targeting is mostly used for Pay Per Click or PPC services which are the most essential SEO based KPI for digital marketing campaigns. Geo targeting is reigniting a very dynamic and competitive side of marketing among businesses. While most marketer’s are aware of it and the technologies associated with it, they aren’t necessarily well versed with the calculations and planning that takes place to take advantage of a moment. Say, one of your potential clients is scrolling through your competitor’s app in your geo targeted area, what if instead of sending them a push notification with a better offer on the same deal right away, your notification arrives three hours later when the deal is already dusted ? 

A clear loss right? 

To avoid this at all costs and to keep your marketing budget losses at bay, we at IosAndWeb Technologies have come up with special geographical location based geo targeting ad plans to provide your businesses with seamless opportunities everywhere it has potential customers. Once the targeting criteria is fixed, it’s our job to provide plans to market your services anywhere it can thrive and rest assured, it will. Our geo targeting services help you get an edge over the competitors even in a hyper dynamic landscape. We plan, make changes when necessary and follow through till the end of your campaign to ensure high reach, better engagement and therefore more conversions which ultimately results in higher sales volume!    

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.