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There are many decorative garden tiles on the market today with a variety of patterns, colors, and patterns. However, due to its specific characteristics, this brick must meet durability and aesthetics.

What are decorative garden tiles?

Tiles and landscaping will be the last place to complete the job. Laying tiles in the garden helps keep the room clean and sanitary, but it also enhances the beauty of the home. Design and color are the two most important characteristics, as well as important criteria when choosing Polished glazed porcelain tiles.

The brick wall of an ornamental garden now has many different designs, materials, sizes, and patterns. Today, consumers are very interested in choosing garden tiles, and they are becoming quite popular. Therefore, we need to know how to select the most suitable bricks to avoid poor quality or lack of aesthetics.

Garden tile selection criteria

The choice of garden tiles is very important because it depends on many factors to minimize risks:

● Select by area and using criteria

When choosing a brick, pay attention to the area and function to use the most suitable template. If your garden area is small, choose small bricks of the same size. Avoid using large marble porcelain slab samples that make the patio feel restricted.

If you are only going to tile the path leading to the house, you need to choose a smaller tile and join them together to make the path more beautiful and impressive. Large gardens should use oversized tile to save time, effort, and cost.

In your family’s garden, where there are frequent movements, non-slip bricks, bearings, and high friction are suitable for tiling. Families with young children should choose non-slip flat ceramic tiles to limit firing.

● Based on product characteristics

The garden space is a place for frequent trips so that high-strength bricks will suffice. When choosing a brick, you need to choose to check the tiles’ surface and pay attention to the indicators on the product packaging.

Also, since this tile is used to clad outdoor spaces, water can often be slippery, so choose tiles with a rough surface, a grainy surface, or many floating patterns.

Garden tiles should be chosen, such as anti-slip mosaic.

Also, garden spaces are very susceptible to moss, so choose a line of porous bricks, otherwise, terracotta bricks will help you clean easily. When exposed to rainwater or irrigation, plants stagnate water and create conditions for moss and pests to grow. Therefore, humidity and rapid evaporation factors are factors to consider.

● Choose by color and size

Today’s manufacturers often produce tiles of different sizes to fit any design. The usual patio tiles’ size is square with sizes like 300 * 300mm, 400 * 400, 600 * 600mm digital vitrified tiles.

If the width of the floor surface is less than 4m, it is recommended to choose 300*300mm tiles with a diagonal cut to create the feeling of a wider space. For a width of more than 4m, please choose a larger size to reduce the number of guides and make the building more beautiful and easy to maintain.

● Choose according to your personal preferences

Do you want to turn your garden into a barbecue place, a yoga meditation place, a virtual relaxation corner, or a cool hanging garden? Consider design intent, personal preference when choosing tiles that suit your home.

The most beautiful decorative brick garden pattern

● mosaic tiles

Decorative mosaics have emerged from the Renaissance to modern architecture and have been loved by many people. The use of mosaics in design and decoration requires the careful assembly of small bricks of different sizes and colors to create a large design. Decorative tiles with natural colors are very easy to find, but reasonable prices should appeal to many families.

The brick is made of natural mineral stone, and the original colors must be durable, not easy to damage compared to ordinary garden decorative tiles. Also, bricks have many other advantages, such as non-slip, easy to clean. You can be completely creative according to personal preferences, thanks to the many unique and impressive decorative shapes.

● rough granite tiles

It is a beautiful and popular model for garden tiles due to its very good heat resistance. When used directly outdoors, at high temperatures, these tiles can resist solar radiation, preventing cracks in the brick surface. Granite tiles also have a very good load-bearing capacity, so they do not break easily when hit hard.

● ceramic tiles

The patterned ceramic tiles are designed for lovers of classic beauty. It remains a safe choice if you want a ’60s style home garden that is both delicate and warm at the same time.

● chevron motifs

Chevron patterned tiles will transform your garden into vibrant conveyor belts that everyone will love. The chevron effect will help the person move higher to feel that everything moves with each step.

● natural stone

If you like an advance in design, natural stone is for you. When a stone is carefully processed to produce finished products with high strength and varied shapes, custom solutions will make a difference and be unique to the project.

● Tiles cards

Brick decals are a safe choice for any garden project without fear of being outdated. The brick is high, withstands all weather conditions and does not crack.

● traditional ceramic tiles

This is a very familiar brick in Vietnamese homes. Ceramic tiles are the most intimate material in Vietnamese families from the early years of the 21st century to the present day, and many families still use it.

● egg stone Tiles

Egg stone is a material that many people like to use for landscaping due to its vibrant beauty. When driving on a surface, you feel very agitated. Also, the surface is highly anti-slip and anti-scratch.

● Wood Composite Plastic Blister

As one of the modern materials made of WPC synthetic resin, the bottom is a layer of pure plastic bolted to form a comfortable tile that is easy to install and remove. Wood-plastic grates have high strength, good rain and sun, non-slip, and moss and drain holes very suitable for use in gardening projects.

The above is a general guide to the most beautiful garden tile decorations. Hopefully, this article will help customers choose the right product for their family.

By Anurag Rathod

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