Affiliate Marketing Network

Affiliate Marketing networks are platforms made for the sole purpose of connecting publishers with the brands. In this case, food bloggers and influencers are the advertisers are the food brands. 

The affiliate networks work as a middleman that offers reporting features along with the database of members. And work on providing the best publisher for advertisers because this combination will decide whether the advertiser’s ad campaign will succeed. 

In addition, affiliate networks assist web and app publishing in monetising their directory by giving them several options. And all the tools that will help run campaigns, for example, tracking links and creatives. 

For the advertisers, the affiliate networks give payment processing, tracking ads, campaign reporting tools and access to the enormous database of publishers, which is impossible if advertisers try to find them on their own. 

Using an affiliate marketing network is beneficial for both parties. 

Partner with top brands:

SaaS affiliate partners are third-party companies commissioned to give your brand exposure to their audience. And according to a recent study, companies that possess matured partnership programs can grow the revenue of their partners twice faster than those with lose partner connections. A strong partnership benefits both sides. Through affiliate marketing, partnering up with huge food brands to take advantage of their audience is more leisurely. For example, Dropbox used an affiliate network, which helped them go from 100,000 users to 4,000,000 users in the time span of just 15 months. In addition, they introduced a viral customer referral program that lets users earn more space just by referring friends and family.

Top brands usually approach these Affiliate marketing networks for the promotion of their product. Because they are aware of the fact that a marketing network is going to do all the hard work for them. Including looking for publishers, selecting the right influencer, managing payments, and giving them the report of all this process in one place. In addition, brands know that they will gain revenue profits while working with affiliate marketing networks because of their guaranteed sales results. 

The brands which offer their affiliate programs are:

  • HelloFresh.
  • Dan Murphy.
  • Naked Wines.
  • Markey spoon.
  • Appliances Online.
  • iHerb.

These are the brands for food and beverage, wine, meal preparation, kitchen appliance and vitamin and supplements. Each company has their own set of affiliation rules—and different percentage for providing communion. 

Partner with good content creators:

Huge content creators are liked mainly by agencies that deal with all their partnerships. This is because when affiliate marketing networks reach them, they have to go through agencies to get a hold of them. Quite often, influencers are the ones looking for good brand collaboration. This is where they approach Affiliate marketing networks that help them collab with big names. Smaller influencers know that they might get declined if they try to reach big brands on their own. So they turn towards these networks, which are there to help them. Through the help of these networks, small influencers get exposure which benefits them.

As a result, small influencers grow and gain affiliations with the big brand names they always wanted. With affiliation networks, brands are okay with working with small influencers as long as they get sales and leads. However, some brands have a requirement of a substantial following list before any influencers can collab with them.  There are several platforms where affiliate marketers reach to find the best publishers for food brands. Platforms may include Instagram, Meta, TikTok, YouTube, blogging platforms, and websites.


Before reaching out to them, it’s essential to realise how they operate and how they can assist your brand. For example, Youtubers produce video content in the following formats. 

Unboxing, Reviews, Giveaways, and Product Promotion. When a brand is reaching them, they have to be specific about how their brand should be involved in their videos. The way the YouTuber will project the brand is how the image will be created in the audience’s minds. This is the reason it is crucial to be specific when briefing. 


With the help of Affiliate marketing network brands, they can find the right tiktok for their food brand. With a user base of one billion, brands will discover influencers who fit their criteria. They have a massive variety of options to offer to the advertiser. So it’s better to write a complete proposal listing everything a brand requires the tiktoker to do.

Instagram Influencers:

Instagram Influencers are more popular than other platform influencers. This is because they are more readily available and approached. There are nano to mega influencers in each type of category. And through the affiliate marketing network, food brands can easily pick and decide which will be an excellent fit for their brand.


Affiliate networks can easily approach websites and use them as publishers, as this is their job. Websites also need advertisers, so they become a publisher at affiliate networks and get vast amounts of advertisers to publish on their websites. Website already has an audience on their site; with the help of an affiliate network, they can get their desired brands to advertise on their website. 


Just like any other platform, Twitter has its audience. And brands, celebrities, and other influencers have authentic accounts on this platform. Although brands can directly approach influencers and other people, doing it through an affiliate marketing network provides them with more options. And they manually don’t have to deal with everyone separately. The affiliate network will do that for them. 


In this blog post written on Partner with Top Food Brands through Our Affiliate Marketing Network. Several benefits of using affiliate marketing networks have been discussed through which brands can be used. A few brands have also been discussed, which are providing their affiliate programs. Additionally, how small influencers can take advantage of the Affiliate network to collab with their favourite brand has also been discussed. And how brands can approach influencers has also been discussed.

By Anurag Rathod

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