Folding Table Dolly

What a table dolly is

Several people and businesses need to move furniture to and fro regularly. Since furniture is heavy and the task is laborious, the advancement in research and development of the field led to the invention of equipment that helps move the items cheaply and timely; time and money being the two most important factors. Also, it decreased the labour requirements substantially. A folding table dolly is one such equipment, designed specifically to move round tables of various textures and sizes from one place to another.

The sellers of table dollies keep a wide collection to choose from. The production department of every company focuses on only two things primarily: increasing efficiency and effectiveness. The table dolly focuses on just that.

Introducing the Round Folding Table Dolly

Table dollies and movers have made the lives of hand labourers, event planners and packers and movers way easier for years now. It has minimized the labour required, space being taken up, the time taken and the efforts required to put in. One hardly needs to give it a second thought when moving heavy objects such as tables around. Another major benefit is that it has made the storage easier, even in compact spaces, and thereby upkeep of these tables equally easy. It makes the setup and dispersal of events very easy, quick and hassle-free.

The Round Folding Table Dolly does all this in no time. The upward-facing structure takes out the effort and stress needed to push the dolly to and from the venue. The quality of steel used for the dolly and the hard rubber for the wheels are up to the mark and can easily carry multiple heavy tables at once. It can carry up to 60 inches wide circular tables with the utmost ease. The well-polished black exterior gives it a decent finish and can be accommodated in various public settings. Mainly due to its long-term warranty and use, it is a reasonable purchase.

Product Specifications and Features

A product as simple as the dolly comes in a vast range of style, shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the buyers and the size and scale of their operation. Usually, there are universal dollies and then there are dollies designed for the portability of specific products. The FLNG-DY60-GG table dolly has the following specifications:

  • Colour and material- black, steel
  • Seat size and back size- 0
  • Warranty period- up to 5 years
  • Weight- 64 lbs or 29.03 kgs.
  • Height- 47 inches
  • Width- 38 inches
  • Depth- 51 inches
  • Grade- commercial use
  • Frame Finish- black coat powder finish
  • Wheels- 4 inches non-marring, locking masters

Round folding table dolly price is $240.99. The features of this convenient furniture mover include:

  • High quality black glossy finish;
  • Use of heavy-duty construction;
  • On average, supports eight to ten round folding tables;
  • The said tables could be approximately 60 inches round for convenient accommodation;
  • A one-inch bar is present for better grip and control over the dolly for the users;
  • The tubular supports the tables in transit;
  • Supportive braces are present;
  • 0.125-inch thick steel used for construction;
  • The users are expected to assemble the table dolly by themselves;
  • Four 4 inches polyolefin wheels on swivel casters are there;
  • Convenient for banquet halls, hotels, conference rooms, warehouse owners and managers;
  • It is easy to maintain and store and
  • Hassle-free transit across multiple flooring surfaces is possible.

The smart design of the table dolly makes it easy to move several round tables at one go. The robust steel structure ensures to carry wood, laminate or plastic tables. It includes a support strap for additional help and the frame handle is adjustable too. It may be left unassisted during breaks and the heavy items wouldn’t move anywhere since the wheels are equipped with manual locks that help park them at the same spot. These wheels are superior in quality and hence easily roll on multiple surfaces without marring any surface. The heavy-duty cart wheels make it very easy to move the load even on door thresholds. 

All round tables that are or less than sixty inches easily fit on this. Ten tables will move as conveniently as just one or two. This is partly owing to the presence of robust support straps. They help secure the tables in place at the time of movement.

Where to Make the Purchase

Most dealers prefer to sell and deliver the round folding table dolly online. In that case, they send the warranty online and mode of payment may be decided well in advance between the two parties. The freight charges are paid by the buyer more often than not and are dependent on the weight of their items in the delivery package.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.