Elegance and class is something that remains in-fashion and forces everyone to notice and sit up the moment you walk into a room full of people. There is so much more than how you dress and what you wear. Following are a few hacks and fashion ideas to look classy in 2021:


Other than classy behavior, you should go ahead and invest in quality fabrics. Synthetic material might go astray from the classy path, so it will be appreciable to go for linen, cotton, etc. These types of fabric might be a bit expensive but they are long-lasting. Linen and cotton apparel will give you the required comfort; especially in the heat and would always be the initial step towards getting a classy and timeless look. 


In 2021, go for classic colors that are basic neutrals like navy Blue, bold Black, Deep Red, Off-white, white, and Beige. These colors can mix and match with different accessories and opens up pieces you wear on top of them. Similarly, for those who go to offices, the mentioned colors are always the go to colors to go for having a classy look. 

Under Garments

Looks awkward? Yes, but it is quite important that you wear quality undergarments that perfectly fits you and makes you feel comfortable. You can compromise on getting less-expensive clothes, however, you can never compromise on quality underwear as nothing destroys your image more than you pulling and tugging your brand dress to keep yourself in your comfort zone. 

Yes, undergarments normally do not appear but tugging and pulling these are an absolute no-no! This may take a little research, need more time, little experimentation, and effort of shopping around to try out different sizes and brands. However, the right size along the right brand will be the best thing to look classy in 2021.

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Less is always more if you talk about being classy and elegant. A thin eyeliner, an ideal foundation, best human hair wigs, light blush, a lengthening, and volume-adding mascara, and lipstick can take you a long way. Alongside, you can pair your dress with a luxurious standalone hand-bag or a beautiful scarf or an expensive belt or a gorgeous necklace and earrings or a stunning pair of shoes. The year 2021 is about minimalism due to the economic hit as well.


The key to wearing designs, prints, checks, and keeping it classy is to go for smaller prints. Prints embed volume and open up the dress while having the capacity to overwhelm the body. Hence, it is recommended to go for geometric designs, smaller floral, or tessellating patterns. 


This may sound obvious but self-grooming and keeping yourself clean is always the key to look classy. Keep your face moisturized and clean, brush daily twice, and scale your teeth with the help of a dentist. Also, shape your eye-brows, keeping the manicured, nails, clean, and short, take care of your feet, and keep your body odor-free. 

Also, it will be crucial to maintain your hair; either you have natural hair or you use wigs like lace frontal wigs and keep them hydrated. Hair maintenance is a timeless activity while it directly links to a classy look.


Use the perfume that defines your personality. A cheap smell can spread headache to people approaching you and force them to stay away from you rather than attract to you. Use a fruity or light floral or spicy smelling scent. Use it at your pulse-points and don’t overdo it; instead, it’s best to carry it with you and re-apply it when necessary.


Keep your apparel and pristine clean by washing them after two times you use them. Use a steamer or an iron to remove creases from your clothes. I believe steaming is an easy option because it absorbs water vapor, which eliminates all bad odor from your dress. Remember, 2021 has arrived but clothes maintenance would still be the same.

Behave Classily

The basic rule to look classy is to behave in a classy way. You may get your hands on designer shoes, bags, expensive accessories, and more of these. However, none of those would bring you, class, unless you feel confident from within. Exercising good manners, politeness, and talk with a sense of maturity while avoiding using curse words and showing respect to others are the virtual fashion ideas that shape your personality a classy one.


This is all your choice as to what to wear and how much skin to expose. However, as per my opinion, to get a classy look, limit the skin area you have to show. Elegance comes with wearing of best dress in the right way and being comfortable. 

Furthermore, as a rule, follow these tips: If you have decided to expose your top skin, like a bit of cleavage, go for pairing it up with pants or trousers to balance it out. If you want to show your legs, then cover a top with full sleeves to make it look even.

Last Word 

It is all about keeping things organized to look classy in 2021. We have said goodbye to a chaotic 2020 and what we need in 2021 is making the basics right. The aspects mentioned above reflect that a fine tweak in your routine can enhance your personality and will take you towards a classy look.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.