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There are different types of flow measurement devices. The flow measurement of liquid gases through the pipes. You will understand each type and its functions. Here is a quick explanation of some of the measurement devices. 

Coriolis mass Flowmeter 

Coriolis mass Flowmeter

Those are flowmeters used to measure passing liquid and gases via oscillating or vibrating tubes and measuring how much passing fluid caused in the line for twisting. 

The temperature sensor is in close contact with the fluid and is thermally insulated for each measurement you take. The sensor continuously heated the cooling effects following the fluid flow heat energy drawn. 

Coriolis mass flowmeter is also known as extraordinary for accuracy. The mass flowmeter has a repeatability rater greater. 

The meter used is reliable accuracy and used a sanitary application, unlike volumetric based on flowmeter. You need to understand the measurement before starting it.



This is a device used to measure the quantity of liquid flowing through the pipe. It is a device used for the simplest form and consists of the converging of selecting lead to my use in the measuring tube. 

The entrance and exist diameter will be the same as the pipeline, which fits easily. Hence a tube provides you with the pipe entrance section and throat, allowing measurements of the pressure. 

The pipe’s accuracy over the ranges and flows’ sweeping flow is contacted to expand and reduces drag and allows for the low-pressure loss. 

The tube provides a pipe for the entrance section to enlarge at the end of the throat—the line immanent to measure the pressure. The use of anxiety is to use a piezometer on the tube. 

The pressure can be measured by the piezometer tube. Hence a box can easily be connected to a U-tube containing a heavy liquid of mercury. 

The liquid is used to flow via a flowmeter, and velocity at the throat section increases because of an increase in the area’s flow. The increased speed is constant and is reduced for the pressure. 

Hence, Bernoulli’s volumetric application is constant, corresponding to the throat section entrance, respectively. 



These tubes are used to flow the nozzle that works on a constant area of variable pressure drop. The site is consistent, and pressure drops for changing the flow rates. 

Therefore, a rotameter s used to measure the constant pressure drop of the variable area meter. 

Apart from that, the rotameter can be used on the vertical pipeline to measure accuracy compared to other flow meters. 

Orifice plate 

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The turndown of rates for plate measures less than 5:1. Therefore, accuracy is less and inadequate at the low flow rates. The high accuracy will depend on the orifice plate, which is in good shape. 

Flow nozzle

Flow nozzle

This is another flow measurement device that has a gradual constant of construction of the orifice plate. The nozzle is standard on the high velocity of the flow, which shows the capacity compared to the different pressure meters. 

The pilot tube 

The pilot tube

A pilot tube is a device used to measure the velocity of the liquid at any point. The line consists of a glass tube, which lowers the opening director of the upstream direction. 

Therefore, the liquid level of the pilot tube depends on the velocity of the stream. The pilot tube is in the form of measuring the rate at a given point of stream liquid. 

Ultrasonic flowmeter 

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Are you familiar with the function of the ultrasonic generator? If yes, then these flow measurement devices operate and can divide into two categories:

Transit time flow meters: This flow meter is used for the ultrasonic transducers.

Doppler flowmeter: This is a technology with an ultrasound wave of the fluids that catches the reflection of the measured flow. 

Piston flow meter 

Piston flow meter

Piston flow meters are rotary piston that displaces on the domestic water measurements. This device is used to operate on the piston rotate of the chamber shown below the volume. Each of the rotation pistons makes it pass through the work of water equivalent to the section known of the downpipe. You will need to see the number of the rotational flow meters. 

Free Jet 

This is the last flow measurement devices on the list. A jet of water is exposed to the atmosphere called a free plane. The jet is issued from the source described at the parabola. 

The jet water is described from the nozzle at a given point. You can use it to coordinate with other pipes. 


I believe this post has helped you to understand different types of flow measurement devices. You can use it to measure various devices in a given instruction. Do you need to start the operation of each piece of equipment as mentioned above? Read through each device to enable you to understand better. 

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