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Facts You Should Know About Fiber Optic Cabling

Facts You Should Know About Fiber Optic Cabling

People have liked the flexibility and the power of fiber optic cabling all around the globe. Fiber optic cabling is evolving as the smartest, fastest and most flexible means to allow large amounts of digital information to be sent and received. Without these optic fiber cables, we would not have high-speed broadband internet. Almost every area has this cable; you can also have one if you don’t have it already. Just search for any good fiber optic cabling company in White Plains, NY, and get one.

These cables are flexible, inexpensive and do not consume much power to work. These advantages are the reason they are popular and favorite of many communication firms. The only drawback is, many people still have little knowledge about fiber optic cabling. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you some interesting facts about optic fiber cables.

Types Of Fiber Optics

Before going into facts, let’s mention the types of fiber cables. There are mainly two types of fiber optic cables. These two have different uses, and you cannot use them for the same purpose. They are:

  • Single-mode Optical Fiber
  • Multimode Optical Fiber

Single-mode Fiber Cables

They are primarily suitable to cover up very long-distance transmissions. The single-mode fiber is quite fine, around 8 to 10-micron core.

Multimode Fiber Cables

Their function is to cover up shorter distances. When multimode fiber optic cables are suitable for longer distances, distortion occurs on the receiving spot. Thus, it leads to a considerable decrease in the quality of the signal.

Besides, in all cases, fiber optics can make way for larger networks compared to traditional ethernet cables. The major difference between these two is distance. Fiber optics can be several kilometers. On the other hand, ethernet network distances cannot go over 100 meters.

Fiber Optics Has A Older History Than You Think

In the 1790s, the French brothers Chappe formulated the very first optical telex. Later, in the 1840s, two physicists illustrated that light could be twisted by sprays of water in fountain displays. Then, in 1854 a British physicist utilized a spurt of water to demonstrate that light could be bent. After that, in 1880, Alexander Graham Bell created a photophone fiber optical telephone machine 1880. And now, almost everywhere, there are fiber optic cabling in White Plains, NY and also in the rest of the world.

It Is Composed of an Abundant Element on Earth

As per fiber optic technicians, the composition of fiber optic is silicon and oxygen. The material includes oxygen and silica, the two most abundant substances on earth.

Fiber Is Extremely Sustainable.

As we mentioned, the composition of fiber optics is silicon and oxygen. Undoubtedly, there is no depletion of these raw substances to make fiber. The ingredient can be found in soils, rocks, clays and sands. Therefore, this quality made the fiber optic cable the most sustainable and endurable.

Fiber Optic Fibers Are Extremely Thinner

Thinner and sleeker, says faster and stronger. It is a fact that fiber optic cables are way thinner than a human hair! Contrary to limited and bulky copper wires, the transmission of information through flexible and lightweight material can travel faster. Moreover, more fibers can get into one insulator pipe. It means extra data at less expense for the customer and the company!

They Are More Secure

Fiber optics do not emit electromagnetic energy. Therefore, the transmission of any data cannot be easily interrupted. The only means hackers can glean digital data is to cut into the fiber cabling. Thus, fiber optic is one of the safest ways to send sensitive data online.

Fiber Optics Aren’t Affected By Weather Changes

The climate doesn’t influence their ability to operate. Changes in weather, unusual thunder or rainfall and lightning storms do not impact the signals being sent in the same way. Besides, it does in ADSL or different conventional cable lines.


Undoubtedly, the beginning of internet connection changed the world in numerous ways. This innovation makes faster data transmission because of fiber optic cables. It possesses the speed that can go to distant rural areas. Similarly, there are many companiesof fiber optic cabling in White Plains, NY.

Over the years, it has been common how fiber optics revived the business world that we know today. Still, there’s much more to it than our eye catches.

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