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A pandemic like Covid – 19 has shaken up the globe and is redefining how the business is done and unearthing several opportunities for start-ups to embrace the new environment we are in nowadays and its challenges.

The new business tips

It is daunting at first to find your feet and get hold on, but for those who aim to take the leap, have the gut to set up their own business, we’ve listed out few tips and a few things to consider providing the soft landing for new long leap jumpers (new business start-ups).

#1. Business Plan

You must have a succinct business plan covering all the business-related pointers such as sales forecasts, competitor identification and an outline of money inflow and outflow. If you are not sure where to begin, business templates could be a great starting step.

The business plan you are making should also have operational contingencies. Like we have seen during the coronavirus pandemic, companies that weren’t able to shift to remote working had to struggle a lot.

Business plans are meant to be used as a guide, not as a bible. One should be able to adapt to sudden changes. One of the major characteristics and benefits of entrepreneurship is that it gives the ability to make instant decisions and changes during the course.

#2. Remote Working for Start-ups

Cash flow is pivotal in the early days of your new business. One should always think about the resource allocations like renting the office. Even the large corporates are dropping the office space these days, hence saving on the money spent on office maintenance.

Remove working has been the solution and has gained popularity during the pandemic, where companies have permanently or partly adopted remote working as the practice.

But yes, to run a business effectively and efficiently from a remote location, you would need the right tools. A comprehensive online meeting and communication setup is a must for any business.

Also, having a comprehensive business phone system is important so that you don’t miss out on business opportunities. You can even add multiple lines, get virtual help, and pick up calls from any device or location.

#3. Keeping track of your finances

It’s pivotal to keep track of your financial statistics and make projections. You need to know when to attain the break-even point. Especially if you have invested by yourself, it is not long enough you can operate without starting to reap profit.

Suppose there’s a gap seen through your forecast between your funds and before your company is profitable. In that case, you should consider approaching potential investors and lenders to help you bridge that gap and help you survive.

Government-backed funding could be a good option, do not rule it out. Analyse and compare different business incubator services available at hand, get some advice, and even offers financial backing.

Even there are fast cash payday loans available for the unemployed. Hence there is no stopping from you converting your business idea into a reality.

However, some solid accounting books would be required for any type of funding. Hence it becomes even more important to keep track of your finances and be on top of your list.

#4. Consider Partnership

Taking on the whole weight of the business on your shoulder is huge, heavy and could be very tiring. Why do that? Why not share the weight.

 Securing a business partner with the same goals and vision but may have different skillsets and knowledge will help the business grow and share the load and support you to go a long way, ensuring the overall well-being while taking up the challenges of a start-up business. You can consider partnership by borrowing instant cash loans for bad credit people and earn profits.

#5.Create a buzz

For any new business, a shout out to the people is required. And if you don’t shout, then who else will do that for your business. One of the best ways is to use social media platforms effectively to make your business visible to people.

These platforms are free of cost, have the right tools and are easy to manage. Not to mention they have high visibility too. 

To do this, first, you can select a few social media platforms and work on building an audience. Then spread the word about your brand and create brand awareness. Social media tools are great for advertising and communication but use them wisely.

Create and run social media campaigns and keep on posting regularly. Just remember not to sacrifice the content, do not just flood with the content that isn’t useful to your customers.

#6. Create a professional image

Any reputed and established business must have a name, business cards and a website. Having all these in place for your business will contribute to or create how the public perceives your business.

Also, the power of telephone numbers is to be considered. A number that is easy to remember and projects the image of a bigger enterprise with a pan nation presence helps a lot. For example, numbers starting from 0800.

Similarly, suppose you acquire local phone numbers. In that case, you will have the freedom to run your business from various or any location and even expand into new territories without putting additional cost.

#7. Go Digital

Keeping the costs to a minimum and investing in digital services is the new age mantra for the start-up.

Especially in thriving stages, you are likely to have to sign numerous contracts and orders. Hence, investing in the right, and latest software, free online tools, and other digital services that will make running your business smoother, cost-effective, and time-efficient is a must to have.

Cloud-based business phone systems, virtual office services, video conferences, free marketing methods like digital newsletters and social media campaigns are some of the initial digital steps any new business start-up should invest into.

Shifting as many of your services to a digital format or platform will provide you versatility and reduce the time to start earning the revenue.


A plethora of opportunities have opened with business start-ups. This has made people aim and achieve and have also allowed people to dream big and take steps to convert it into reality.

Hence the few tips that have been discussed can come in extremely helpful in you taking steps to convert your dream of a business start-up into a reality and then a success.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.