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Definitely, you will agree with the next sentence. Anything black and white is not as captivating as something with vibrant colors. We spend almost every day of every second browsing different websites, switching tabs, searching, and crawling. But we do not spend more than 2 seconds on any such website or application which is not visually appealing.

It leads to the fact that web design and graphic design are crucial for websites and applications in this modern age of technological advancements to fetch their target audience’s attention. Graphic design and web design promote the communication of ideas by stimulating feelings of connection and aesthetic senses. Keeping this reality in mind, organizations are thriving to provide the topmost web design and graphic design services.

Understanding the difference between web designing and graphic designing is crucial to figure out what you exactly want. The understanding of their differences also helps to decide which career to pursue in the forthcoming years. Moreover, a better understanding of how web designing and graphic designing differ from each other helps organizations to realize which candidate is appropriate for a certain task.

So without ado, let’s get started!

What is Web Design?

Designing websites on which we lay our eyes every time we use the internet is called web design. Web design refers to all the crucial aspects of user experience during website development. Web design used to refer only to desktops in their early ages. Thanks to the technological innovations and advancements which make designing responsively. Now, websites operate better on versatile mediums such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

A web designer is responsible for the content of the website, layout, appearance, and color combinations on the website. He is responsible to ensure that design is responsive and adaptive. Some other areas on which web designers have to focus on are interface design, web graphic design, proprietary software, search engine optimization, standardized code, and user experience design. Hence, enterprises that provide web design services are thriving by leaps and bounds to find the best candidate.

Job Responsibilities of a Web Designer

Following are the job responsibilities of a designer who is providing web design services.

  • Visualize art as a way to leverage technology
  • Maintain a relationship with mutual understanding with the audience
  • Consider all the crucial programming and coding aspects while designing
  • Implements an engineering approach to the designs
  • Use predictive analytics to get an idea of the audience’s reaction and feels
  • Make sure that the website design is responsive and adaptive
  • Focus on how to design for versatile mediums  ( such as laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • Web designers should be able to develop and enhance their work overtime
  • Web designers should be able to catch web design trend predictions

All in all, the person who is delivering web design services should keep the website layout in mind. Web designers are both professional designers and development engineers for static websites. Web designers are accommodated with tons of responsibilities. They have to keep in mind several aspects such as placement of buttons, web content, use of guidance, color combinations, word combinations, and so on. Web designers need to learn a broad range of tools to master their skills because different design tools are required at every step of the process.

Skills Required

Following are the skills web designers require before entering any web design agency.

  • Web application development
  • UI/UX design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail

Web Design Tools

Following are the tools web designers should be familiar with before entering any web design agency.

  • Mockplus – website prototyping tool
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – website editing tool
  • InVision Studio
  • Sketch
  • Marvel
  • Figma
  • Affinity Designer
  • UXPin
  • Balsamiq

What is Graphic Design?

Visual content created by professionals to communicate a message, capture the user’s attention, or depict an idea is called graphic design. It is a craft where visual hierarchy is given the utmost priority. Graphic designers implement pay layout techniques. They pay attention to the logic of displaying elements in interactive designers to optimize the user’s experience.  Hence, enterprises that deliver web design services are thriving for the best graphic designers to keep up their competitive edge.

Job Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer

Here are the job responsibilities of the designer who is providing graphic design services.

  • Give utmost priority to art and creativity
  • Maintain a one-way relationship with the target audience
  • Sketch with pen and paper when required
  • Emphasis visual theory in your designs
  • Focus on how each design element translates to print
  • Review the design one last time when it’s finalized
  • Pay attention to how the design communicates and convert message to the audience

Graphic designers focus on professional skills to achieve creation purposes. It includes page layout, visual art, font layout, and several other aspects.

Skills Required

Following are the skills graphic designers require before setting foot in any graphic design company.

  • Marketing material
  • Concept development
  • Typesetting
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Brainstorming
  • Imagination
  • Innovation
  • Attention to detail
  • Originality
  • Ingenuity

Graphic Design Tools

Following are the skills graphic designers should know how to use before setting foot in any graphic design company.

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Astute Phantasm of adobe illustrator
  • CorelDRAW
  • Procreate
  • Clip studio paint
  • Ron’s brushes
  • Adobe creative cloud tools
  • iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
  • Wacom tools

Communicate with creativity

Both web and graphic designing are visual mediums. It means that both communicate visually through creativity. Web and graphic designing depend on the euphony between visual and copy elements to tell a story. Businesses and individuals must have a better and comprehensive understanding of every aspect of web designing and graphic designing. This helps in deciding whether they want to integrate with a web design company or a graphic design company.

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