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If you’re like most people, your phone is probably always attached to your hand. You use it for GPS directions, as a calendar, and as a camera—and that’s just the beginning. And what are they? Mobile apps.  

The world is running on mobile apps, and they’re everything from super simple games to complex tools that can help you manage your life. 

We use apps for everything—from communicating with people, reading online books, joining a business meeting, to watching a movie. According to statistics, from 2016 to 2021, mobile app downloads have increased constantly, reaching 230 billion.  

Therefore, the competition is so big that it’s struggling to stand out from the crowd. If you already have an app idea, it’s time to start thinking about what your targeted audience wants. If your app doesn’t meet their needs, someone else’s will, and you could lose significant business. So, if you want to start a mobile app business and get your app noticed by potential customers, you need the best features for your mobile app. 

Here are 10 features that make a great mobile app:

  • Simplicity  
  • Speed  
  • Security  
  • Good resolution  
  • Flexibility  
  • Push notifications  
  • Search option  
  • User Feedback  
  • Updates  
  • Integrate social media  


Simplicity is a key factor in any digital product. Many people can’t retain their attention for longer. Your app should be mere so that people can navigate it easily. If they can’t understand how to use your app and find information quickly and easily, they’ll lose interest and probably go another way, which might be using your competitor’s app. Therefore, the simpler an app is, the better for more people to use it.  


Having an app that loads quickly is essential because it allows users to access their content as quickly as possible. A slow-loading app can frustrate users and decrease their willingness to use your app again in the future – which is especially important if you are trying to get them interested in using your product or service again! 


Internet security has always been a concern for the user. The same goes for your application. As your app will collect sensitive personal information and credit or debit card details, you should pay attention to the security feature on your app. Hackers may attempt to steal customer information for identity theft or fraud, screen lock passcodes, or get private business assets. The last thing you want is hackers to access their data through your application! 

Good resolution  

While balancing app speed with functionality and resolution, it’s also important to ensure that what you have on the screen is sufficiently detailed to provide a satisfying user experience. Blocky graphics are a thing of the past; today’s users demand high-definition images with a range of multi-colors. Anything less will limit your app.  


To achieve the best out of your app, make it flexible on the leading operating systems – iOS, Android, and Windows. While it’s simpler to upload Android to the Play Store, iOS must be tried and tested by Apple before they’re allowed on App Store. However, test the apps on these systems to avoid different sizes and resolutions.  

Push notifications  

Push notification is one of the best features to make a great mobile app. They can be text, graphics, or even both. Integrating them into your app allows your customers to immediately receive alerts about new content without opening their phones or looking at notifications whenever something happens. It’s much better and easier than emails, which might end up in the spam folder. Besides, it can make users open your app and take some action. After all, you want your users to interact with your app. That’s why push notifications are a popular feature.  

Search option  

It may sound like it’s a minor feature, but actually, it matters a lot. This feature can be helpful for many users, so make it necessary for your app. It’s important to have a search option in your app so that users can find the information they need quickly. 

It may only work a little for game-based apps, but it is essential for business and social variety.  

User Feedback  

You may develop a perfect app, yet there will always be room for improvement. You want your customers to be satisfied with your app, so you need to make improvements based on their requirements. The best way to understand what they want is to ask the users themselves. The user feedback feature gives you that luxury. With this feature, you can give users the option of sending instant feedback. For example, if your users are sending you messages about how hard it is to use your app or asking questions about how to use it, that’s a sign that you should be paying attention! By putting a feedback button on your app, you can get user feedback daily and know what they do and don’t like in your app.  


Once you have a feedback feature on your app, you must also put in an update feature. To avoid your app being boring, you need to make updates from time to time. You can’t expect your users to be willing to download an app that doesn’t keep up with the latest updates—or, even worse, doesn’t offer any updates! You should always try and ensure that your apps are fresh and updated regularly, so they don’t become obsolete over time. 

Integrate social media  

Integrating social media into your app is an option. But many app owners take advantage of integrating social media into their apps because it can help users invite their friends to use their app and talk about it. The more people use and share your app; the more traffic will result.  

Final takeaway  

Developers worldwide use creativity to develop efficient apps for users to get productive outcomes. Of course, creativity is needed. But it can be simpler than that. You just need to know the right features to integrate into your app; voila, you have the best mobile app on your hands.  

Make your app simple and quick. Let it be flexible and have a good resolution. Of course, if you want a reliable app, you must put security. Give your users options to search for what they want and provide them with a feedback button and updates. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.