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Are you visiting Dubai and getting tired of visiting crowded places? if yes, then there must be something unique for you. Read on to know why there is a significant need to go for a yacht charter in Dubai which this city is famous for. From luxury seating to delicate dining, yachting over Dubai’s blue waters is a once-in-a-lifetime undergo you enjoy. 

Best Way to See Dubai

Charter in Dubai is one of the best ways to see this enchanting city with an impressive coastline. We all know that Dubai is one of the most affluent as well as beautiful places globally. It’s an idea vacation hotspot for visitors of all backgrounds. However, when you’re only there for a short-run-trip, it challenging for you to fit in all of the attractions that the city offers. Besides, sandy beaches, dozens of gorgeous mosques, culture-rich walks, and most importantly, the incredible Burj Khalifa that dominates the Dubai skyline. For an enchanted view of everything, you must get on a sumptuous yacht tour in Dubai.

A yacht charter allows you to explore Dubai in a unique way. One of the highlighted perks of visiting the City of Gold’ is the Arabian Sea’s crystal-clear water and its blowing sands.  Let’s explain why you must experience a yacht charter when you are in Dubai.

Yacht Charter- Why You Must Experience it?

Dubai offers plethora of activities to do. If you are in the City for a short-run-tour, you must have difficulty shortlisting the preferences. Whatever the concerns are, yachting is a not-to-be-missed venture in Dubai. it is fascinating to know that Dubai’s government has already planned to promote new yacht clubs as cruise tourists are expected to cross the record of 1.5 million. Now, let’s have a look at some of the significant reasons to understand why yacht charter is more of a luxury deal:

Explore the City

Cruising the city of gold on a yacht brings you a distinctive perspective as well as experience to the table. Moreover, sailing across Dubai to explore this magical city commit to a fantastic excursion experience.

A Relaxing Ride

Sailing is an amazing experience. The tranquility and calmness of sailing increase peace to a restless body as well as disturbed mind. Taking some time off from the anxious life can amount to the much-needed quality time you require. In Dubai, going out on a luxury yacht charter help you strengthen the relationship you experience with your friends and family.

Capture Marvelous Memories

Do you want un forgettable memories with your family, friends, or spouse? You must consider yacht rental Dubai. Getting together for a yacht charter helps you make and capture the marvelous memories. The excursion of quality time together positively brings you closer to your loved ones. You must capture this city of Gold and make memories for a lifetime.

The element of fun

Certainly, you may have an excellent time. Invite the element of fun in life and the stress of life will fade out automatically. Enjoying wonderful sunshine while sitting on the deck of a yacht generates an awfully special feeling. Once renting the yacht, you can request the captain to take you to the mesmerizing places. For most of the year, the weather is sunny and clear in Dubai.

 Escape rush of tourists 

Just book a yacht for rent in city and you’ll be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the megacity. As city is packed with multitudinous tourists all the year around, you can get pleasure from some moments of comfort on the deck of the vessel. Discover the wonder and magnificence of city, the landmarks from a special angle. Enjoying the glowing skyline of city throughout the sunset seems totally unique you’ll experience tranquility of mind.

Celebrating special occasions

If you are one of those who like to create a powerful impression, then it is definitely going to interest you. Hosting a lavish on yacht is an ideal way of creating a positive and lasting impression.  For an instance, a birthday is a special day. Birthdays and different auspicious occasions are celebrated in such a way that guests and hosts will preserve the memories for years to return. The culture of birthday celebration on yacht is attaining popularity. It’s the best way to give your loved ones a surprise while cruising on the waves. Organizing a birthday on the yacht is one of the most attractive ways to collect unforgettable memories. 

A yacht offers an open venue for you. The guests, hosts, small children, and party attendants enjoy the beauty of weather. You must know that enjoying your party in an open venue generates a pleasant feeling. Yacht rental Dubai is affordable. You’ll get the yacht decorated as per the theme of the party. Very few platforms provide such kind of freedom and flexibility and you’ll never find this experience monotonous. Venturing out in the sea while facing a cool breeze of air is simply marvelous.

Value for Money

With the increase in the number of yacht rentals, yachting is becoming more affordable today. However, if you still find it expensive than other options available, you will find it worthwhile at the same time. while comparing it with the expenses of staying in a 5-star hotel, the overall cost of traveling from one place to another, and the fine food that you indulge in, you will find that yachting is the better value for your money. The service you receive, the experience you get, the ambiance and the satisfaction, you will not find elsewhere.

A Versatile Vacation

When it comes to yachting in Dubai, you can much do anything that anyone with love for the waters seeks. The luxury yachts also offer a gym, movie theater, spa, and much more all in the presence of a mesmerizing sea looking out at the magnificent skyscrapers. These are services that you’ll find in a plane, train, or anywhere else.

Essential Things to Consider While Chartering a Yacht in Dubai

An old adage, look before you leap should be kept in mind while charting a yacht in Dubai. Ensure that you are aware of it before making the decision. From selecting the best charter company to the size and performance of the yacht, there are numerous other things to consider. Find out the vital things that you must consider while you are going to charter a yacht.

Finding a reputable yacht company

When a person thinks about yacht chartering, he has to select the best yacht charter company from which he is going to hire. Everyone has distinctive criteria for selecting the company that significantly depends upon the number of people, the purpose of hiring the yacht and most importantly, the budget. A reliable yacht charter company is the one that satisfies all your desires ranging from style, appropriate size as well as services to the cost of the yacht. You must make an ideal choice in order to ensure great fun.

Selection of the Yacht

The overall selection of yacht implies the choice of layout. The size of the yacht must in accordance with the number of people you are inviting. From small sizes yachts to larger size yachts, choose from to have several benefits. Keep in consideration, the yacht is the maximum space it provides along with more facilities rather than a small sized yacht. Identify the purpose of hiring. Are you going to hire the yacht for just cruising, organizing the special event, exploring the sea, or just want to have some thrill with fishing, water skiing, and several other water sport activities? You must select the yacht accordingly! Here are some famous yachts for big events Lotus Mega Yacht, Desert Rose yacht, and virgo yacht.


A yacht rental company is not only responsible for providing you the yacht, but also offers an incredible facility with utmost luxuries. You’ll find all time available crew, chef, experienced skippers and fishermen, sumptuous meals as well as refreshing beverages. There are also first aid services and all modern gadgetries for adventurous activities. There is a great need to consider all these services in order to have the best entertainment on the yacht.

Efficiency of Yacht

Besides considering all the internal facilities, luxuries as well as appearance of the yacht, paying attention to the performance of the yacht is also essential. The overall performance and the efficiency of the yacht must be kept in mind. A yacht you are going to hire should perform efficiently to handle rough sea salty water to ensure smooth sailing. 

A yacht is an amazing vessel to sail smoothly in the middle of the sea under the sunset in all circumstances without any hurdle. A minor mistake can ruin your experience. If you really want to make yachting an unforgettable experience of your life, make sure to consider above-mentioned things.

By Anurag Rathod

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