Penetration Testing Report

Cyber-attacks have become so normal for businesses these days but this doesn’t mean that they have been accepted. They are considered one of the major problems among businesses working online. This is why they spent a considerable amount to strengthen their security system and to confirm that they have a good cybersecurity system; the implementation of Penetration Testing is a must. This is usually a planned and control hacking into the company’s system to find out the vulnerabilities that be manipulated by the hackers. Once the Penetration Test is done, you will be provided with a report and in that report, you will get the most valuable information regarding the Pen Testing and your system.

What is The Report Anyway?

Once the Pentest is completed then the expert will provide you with a structured document that consists of all the details of what the Pen testing Company has uncovered, through their test. This includes the methodology they have used, the capability of the existing security systems, and most importantly, what should be done to enhance the security system as a whole. With thorough documentation by the expert penetration testing provider, of Summary you will get some of the most crucial insights into current vulnerabilities and steps that should be taken to make the security setup even stronger. The important part of the report consists of structure and clarity and they are the basic part of any Penetration Testing. But the report is divided into sections.

Sections of Pen Testing Report

The sections of the report start with the risk level description. A clear description is important to have a good penetration report. The Superior of the organization should understand the losses that the company may have to suffer due to the attack and how it should be improved. The risk includes:

  • ·        High risk
  • ·        Critical risk
  • ·        Medium risk
  • ·        Informational setting
  • ·        Remediated findings

Executive Summary

The expert Penetration Testing Services will provide you with a report with a concise summary of its contents. The language of the report will be simple with nontechnical language. The summary of the report should convey the risks and vulnerabilities caused by the breach to the organization. The summary of Penetration Testing is vital to make the project a success and the executives should understand the whole process effectively.

Technical Findings

A successful Penetration Test should clarify that how the assets of the company were summary assessed, the possible consequences regarding the breach. The report should because mention such information. Because there are different type of data hacks that can leave a company vulnerable and different assets have different data and with the information about the assets after the Pen Testing, the organization should address those problems accordingly to make sure that there won’t be any security breach that can leave the company vulnerable.

Final Words

A report after the pen testing is the crucial part because it will let everyone in the company know how badly they need to update the system to avoid any future security and data breach. Just Make sure it is clear and contains crucial information.

By Anurag Rathod

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