Exchange 2013 Mailbox to Office 365

Tips to Migrate Exchange 2013 Mailbox to Office 365 in Just a Few Clicks

Organizations that use local Exchange to manage and store user mailboxes and plan to migrate data to Office 365 should use the below mentioned procedure. It is considered to be the best utility to migrate Exchange 2013 mailbox to Office 365. It provides a wide range of functions to help users complete their work easily.

Top Reasons Why Users Migrate Exchange 2013 Mailbox to Office 365!

There are many reasons why organizations choose Exchange on-premises. Key features include the ability to have overall control over hardware and complete control over all Exchange data. However, since every coin has two aspects, server maintenance and security costs can be complex, and 100% service availability must be ensured.

Compared with On-Premise Exchange, migrating into Office 365 has many important advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Office 365 can provide greater scalability without infrastructure costs. All you have to do is buy an email account for the new user. Completely eliminated the whole process of buying additional storage, adding additional hardware support, configuring everything, etc.
  • This is cost-effective because you no longer need to maintain anything at your end. You only need to invest in an Office 365 subscription and get all the features provided for local installation. Plus many other amenities.
  • Trust the experts (Microsoft) to ensure your data is safe. You no longer need to worry about theft or loss of data due to accidents, technical failures and other reasons.
  • You don’t need to worry about updating the software to the latest version. Everything will be taken care of automatically without any problems. In this way, your users will not have to experience server downtime or any other similar situations.

Effortless Solution to Migrate Exchange 2013 Mailbox to Office 365

To get rid of the limitations of manual solutions, you can opt for a reliable third-party app. SysTools Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration Tool is a robust solution for moving mailboxes from On-Premise Exchange Server into Office 365 accounts. Using this utility, you can export all mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. The software runs completely safely, even there is no data loss, it can ensure complete mailbox migration.

Know Why Experts Recommend This Utility Over Others

1. Keeps Data Safe – The software to migrate Exchange 2013 to Office 365 is quite advanced and developed with advanced algorithms that help export data to an Office 365 account with 100% precision. Users who need automated software to transfer emails, calendars and contacts from their inboxes without losing data should try this tool.

2. Concurrent Migration – Since there are several utilities on the market to perform migration, many programs do not provide batch migration options. Therefore, in order to make your task simple and effective, the software allows users to transfer 200 mailboxes at a time. To do this, users only need to enable this option in the settings window and need a computer with a higher configuration.

3. Maintain Original Folder Hierarchy – The migration tool from Exchange 2013 into Office 365 ensures that users get their mailbox data in the same folder structure as the original account. This feature is useful if users have created different folders to easily manage their data and want their data to be the same in O365.

4. Export Mailboxes with Large Amount of Data – Many users face problems when migrating large Exchange mailboxes. This tool for migrating Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 ensures that all mailboxes (regardless of their size) can be exported without data loss.

Step by Step Procedure to Migrate Exchange 2013 Mailboxes to Office 365

1. Run the tool and select Source and Target Platforms – Exchange and Office 365.

2. In the “Workload Selection” section, select the desired category and use the “Date Range” filter if necessary.

3. Enter the Exchange Server IP address and Admin credentials, and then Validate them to continue.

4. Provide and verify your Office 365 admin ID and application ID.

5. Fetch users into tool with a single click or import CSV file containing all the mailboxes.

6. Hit the Start Migration button.

7. After the migration is complete, you will receive a summary and detailed report.

Concluding Lines

Considering common user requests for how to use hybrid migration to gradually migrate Exchange 2013 mailboxes to Office 365, we offer this article. Here we cover an identical manual solution. However, if the user finds that manual techniques are very time-consuming or difficult, alternative solutions are also recommended here. Now you can choose any technology based on current needs and preferences.

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