medicare insurance leads

The guide will help you understand the types of Medical leads available and their generation strategies.

If you’re looking for a way to generate Medicare insurance leads, you’re on the right plane. A detailed guide is provided as you scroll down. The guide will help you understand the types of Medical leads available and their generation strategies.

Types of medical leads 

There are multiple types of Medical leads. Some of them are discussed down below.

Medicare Supplement Leads

These types of leads focus on people who are nice into the Medicare category. The factors that influence these are age, locations, pre-existing Medical conditions, income, interest level, and enrolment of other Medicare plans. These are usually turning 65 Medicare leads, which means these plans are often opted by older adults because of age factors.

Medicare Advantage Leads

Advantage leads usually take care of Medical visits and medicines. These are influenced by fees, appointment ratios, program plans, return percentages, and a few more. These plans focus on almost everyone, from teens to youngsters and even adults.

You can even buy real-time telemarketing insurance leads of an advantage plan for your company. Understand and study it well, and you will bring the best profit out of it.

What strategies to follow to generate leads?

There are multiple ways through which you can generate more leads out of the open enrolment system.


Social media is a great way to engage with others. It increases your audience, helps you communicate and explain yourself better, thus leading to an increase in chances of generating more leads. Especially Facebook. A social media app that almost every generation uses, especially the parent generation or rather, the buyer generation of your Medicare plans.
Look for groups on Facebook that relate to or concerns about the same issue, questions about Medicare and reach out to them. It can help you generate more exclusive insurance leads in quite a short period.

Create Network

Creating a network can help a lot with your sales. Come in contact with multiple clinics, health centres, gyms and search for retired people or are in their retirement period. Look for their needs and see what their demands are. Then, present out your best plan in the most convincing manner. You can even lookout for people in your local community groups. You may find many older people or people in need of Medicare but aren’t much aware of it.


Email marketing is an amazing way of expanding your sales increasing your insurance leads. This can be included in your marketing plan, but it shouldn’t be the only plan. Emails have been too mainstream right now, and almost everyone uses an email system now. Incorporating this rightly in your marketing strategy can help a lot. You can add a subscription to the newsletter to your official website. Whoever subscribes to it will get timely emails for both the news and also your marketing style. You can even look for services that check who visits the Medicare site. Focusing on your target audience can help you achieve your goals.

Concluding Thoughts

There are multiple ways of generating more Medicare leads. All you have to do is look for a good marketing strategy and incorporate it into your sales and management.

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