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ePUB To Mobi Conversion: A Complete Guide For 2021

ePUB To Mobi Conversion: A Complete Guide For 2021

The ePUB eBook format is the most encouraging in the publishing industry. The reason behind, almost every popular eReader supports this format. For example – Kobo eReader, Sony Reader,  iBooks, and Barnes & Noble.

Every author prefers ePUB as they offer interactive features, perfect for sharing, and the best – compatible with most eReaders.

However, after knowing all the benefits ePUB serves, the popularity of the Amazon Kindle cannot be overlooked.

If your eBooks are not available on KDP, you are losing a lot. Thus, ensure that you publish your eBook on every platform available.

Considering the ePUB benefits, one can have an ePUB file format for eBooks. For that, ePUB to Mobi conversion is required to leverage Amazon Kindle devices for your content.


Why is ePUB to Mobi Conversion needed?

Before telling you why, let us explain you about the most accepted eBook formats for better understanding.

Here is the list of most accepted file formats for eBook publishing:

File Format 1: ePUB

An exclusive collection of Web standards, ePUB covers HTML, CSS, SVG, and more. ePUB is considered an open-standard eBook format, built by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)

Moreover, it proclaims to be an industry standard for publishing eBooks.

Besides, its latest and widely used version is ePUB3. When combined with javascript coding, ePUB3 offers high interactivity through video and audio embedding. It also provides the content protection option with DRM.

File Format 2: Mobi

Mobi format is owned by Amazon and developed for the Mobipocket Reader software. The main objective of this software was to use for devices that have low bandwidth, like desktop operating systems, mobile phones, etc.

Mobipocket was launched by Amazon in 2005 and afterward found exclusively designed AZW files based on the Mobi file format.

AZW formatting options and substantial performance improvements are quite complicated, but the best part is it still runs on Mobi.

AZW formatting is used nowadays to create eBooks for the Amazon Kindle store.

MOBI eBooks are DRM-free, and hence they offer limited protection. However, if DRM protection is required for your eBooks, you can try MOBI to AZW3 conversion. AZW3 is the most accepted file extension that offers Amazon’s exclusive DRM scheme.

AZW4 and AZW6 are other recommended formats where AZW8  is the newly launched version offering the latest and upgraded features.

We are back to the same question:

Why is ePUB To Mobi Conversion needed?

Let us showcase a simple example to enlighten you on why eBook conversion is essential.

Every device can’t display eBook files in an easy-to-read format.

For instance, if you open a PDF file in an eBook reader, it won’t be compatible with the screen size. The reason behind the original formatting won’t match ePUB. And, this calls for a convert PDF to ePUB format.

Additionally, if your eBooks are in ePUB format and you want to publish them on iBooks and Nook, there are reasonable chances that they do well on the respective devices.

But what if someone wants to purchase your eBooks from iBooks and open it on Kindle?

In that case, the original eBook formatting is done in ePUB, so it clearly won’t open on Kindle.

It is like trying to use Android software on an iPhone. Thus, it would help if you had a conversion to Mobi format for your eBook to work on Kindle.

Why is ePUB to Mobi Is A Must To Get The Best Of Digital Publishing?

Technological development and this pandemic situation is making readers switch from printed books to digital eBooks. The evident reason is accessibility.

Many authors and publishers are switching to digital publishing as it benefits them with lower production and distribution costs. However, to get the most online publishing, your eBooks must be well-designed to be attainable and compatible with all the reading tools.

And that is the reason why your eBooks formatted in ePUB need conversion to Mobi. Because eReaders may widely support ePUB, it is not compatible with Amazon Kindle.

Amazon is a bit rigid with its data format.

It generally supports MOBI and, specifically, AZW. With eBooks, you cannot afford to skip Amazon due to market share.

The Bottom Line

When you know that ePUB to Mobi conversion is a necessity rather than an option, the next thing that comes up is how to get this job done. There are certain conversion tools available online, but ePub file conversion is challenging, especially when various images or layout formatting are involved. Thus, it is always recommended that professionals perform this technical job of ePUB to Mobi conversion for your eBooks.


The way you market ebooks is very crucial. And that is why you need to ensure that you are choosing the right eBook conversion services which won’t merely convert but will help you with the best marketing services to reach wider audiences.

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