electric mountain bike

If you like adventure, then you can choose a mountain electric bike. You can use it for climbing the hills and experience the thrill. It does not use any fuel and you can save your fuel consumption cost. There are different mountain bikes available, such as free-ride bikes, cross-country bikes and electric mountain bikes. It is difficult to choose the best mountain electric bike and you can consider the following factors to choose the best one.

Types Of Mountain Electric Bikes:

Before you choose a mountain bike, you need to know the mountain bikes available in the market. There are mainly four types of mountain bikes available, you can read the following to know more:

  • Cross-country Bikes: These are the common mountain bikes available at affordable prices. These bikes are lightweight and versatile. You can use a cross-country mountain bike on tough terrain. Such high-speed bikes do not come with full suspension, and you can find few models which are heavier. If you are looking for the best electric mountain bike for your long rides, then you can choose a cross-country bike with fill suspension. They run electric bikes on traditional pedalling and battery, and you need not invest more effort to climb on uphill.
  • Free–ride Bikes:  If you have a small budget, then you can choose a free-ride bike. It is a standard bike designed with better suspension. You can use this bike to perform jumps, stunts, and other activities. There are some mountain bikes available which are designed for downhill riding, and you should not use such bikes for climbing. For example, you cannot use a free-ride bike for hiking or climbing. 
  • Custom-made Bikes: There are some custom-made bikes available for women. These are specially designed for women who travel mode on challenging terrain. You can customise such bikes and add a full-suspension, accessories, and protective gears in your bike.

Tips To Choose The Best Mountain Electric Bike:

When you choose the best electric mountain bike, check the battery, suspension and motor. Heavy-duty tires are unnecessary for climbing or hiking and you must check the cables of the bike. You must choose a mountain bike that can protect you from the challenges of the roads and harsh weather.

For climbing and hiking, you need to ride on the slopes and steel hills. Sometimes, you can find straight and well-paved roads on the hills. So, you need to choose the best mountain electric bike designed with geared motor and you can change the gear according to the road condition. You need not use a large motor for geared bike, and you can use a conventional–sized motor for the same.

You must keep the motor of your bike protected from rocks, wind and rain. Do not place it too low, and if you want to use it for climbing, then you must customise your bike and install the motor behind the seat. Placing the motor too high can cause some instability in your riding, and you can discuss this matter with the expert to choose the best electric mountain bike.

Mountain bikes designed with shock absorbers can keep your bike protected and your battery can last longer. They can reduce the pressures taken by the motor and battery and help you overcome major road obstacles. You should not expect the same mile range offered by the manufacturer because they have tested their bikes in labs and the prescribed mile-range is not for on-road riding. So, you can search such mountain bikes online and choose the best one.

By Anurag Rathod

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