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Ecommerce is one of the most booming sectors in India. With the extensive use of high-speed internet and massive convenience for people, this domain has started to conquer the physical market going scenario. With technology helping the most ecommerce companies to gain popularity this business has made immense growth in India. Being the most progressive sector the HR’s of these companies are on a constant search for a potential candidate who may work with specialized skills for the development of the company. So, if you are the one who has the required skills for an ecommerce company then you must know how to prepare for the right job profile.

Being a big sector ecommerce has a requirement of people in various job profiles. Like any other company an ecommerce company requires candidates who have the knowledge, skills and experience in a specific domain and can look after the work. There are various trending job roles that are available in ecommerce organizations and the list is as follows: –

Customer Service Jobs:  

The customer service or client servicing professionals are hired to take care of the customers over the call. These professionals work as the front face of the company and help the customers or clients to resolve their issues. This is a crucial job role as one needs to have a high level of indulgence and patience to deal with customers.

Qualification Required: Any Graduate, Diploma Holder

Skills Needed: Customer Management, Team Player, Computer Skills, Management Skills, Excellent Communication Skills.

Marketing Jobs:

Marketing is a department which helps these ecommerce organizations to get high revenue. The professionals in this department help customers to associate with the brand. In this domain can be hired for the role of brand management, communications management, content development, business development, digital marketing, social media management, online reputation management etc.

Qualification Required: BBA, MBA/PGDM

Skills Needed: Marketing Tools, Brand Management, Business Development, Digital Marketing.

Finance Jobs:

Ecommerce companies require professional to manage their finances and in order to do so, these companies hire accounts assistants, accounts officers, finance managers, general managers, directors and charted accountants.

Qualification Required: B.Com., M.Com., C.A.

Skills Needed: Tally, accounts basics, balance sheet, accounting statements

Human Resources Jobs:

These professionals are hired to manage the human resources of the ecommerce organizations. Human resources professionals are hired in three categories Corporate HR, Operations HR, Recruitment HR.

Qualifications Required: BBA, MBA/PGDM

Skills Needed: HR Basics, pay roll, recruitment, increment etc.

Technical Jobs:

Software developer, testers, DevOps are in great demand by most ecommerce organizations. These professionals indulge in developing and managing the whole system for the company and they create, test, refine and manage the website for these organizations.

Educational Qualification: B.Tech., B.E., MTech.

Skills: Software skills and top programming languages.

Legal Jobs:

Legal department looks after the contracts and legal issues that these ecommerce companies have. Most ecommerce companies have a lot of contracts, associations, endorsements and events and to handle the legal aspects for these they require good a legal team hence the companies are on a constant search to hire potential candidates.

Qualification Required: BA LLB, CS

Skills Needed: Analytical and legal reasoning, client management

Procurement Jobs:

This is the most important department for any ecommerce company. Procurement requires top professionals who know how to manage stock so, delivers are hassle free. So, these companies require people who have the right skills and knowledge.

Qualifications Required: Graduation in BBA, MBA Supply Chain Management, Engineering in logistics management. 

Skills Needed: Logistics management, vendor management

So, if you are the one looking for ecommerce jobs in India then start to gain your education ion any of these domains and make a great career.

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