Fue hair transplant

The advanced procedure of Fue is the latest and most effective method in hair transplant surgery. It is superior to other hair transplant procedures in many ways, such as:

  • It does not require a linear incision.
  • It does not leave any visible scarring.
  • Its recovery time is shorter than that of older methods.

The cost of this surgical procedure may be high, but the benefits are worth every penny spent.

Hairline FUE is a procedure that requires making an incision on the scalp, which makes it very different from other procedures. The micro punch method is preferred over linear strip excision in Fue hair transplant to conceal the scar. 

Concealing or hide a linear incision will require additional time to heal. That is why it takes much longer for people who have undergone linear strip excision procedures. The hairline FUE method can be considered the most advanced hair transplantation method compared to other techniques to avoid linear scarring. The cost of this surgical procedure is higher, but the results are satisfying.

Essential Factors for FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

The number of grafts needed for your hair replacement surgery or restoration. The number of grafts required varies from one person to another. The number of grafts required for hair transplantation depends on factors such as the patient’s size, hair density, and age. 

Another factor determining the cost or price of your FUE hair transplant is where you decide to have it done. Since many people travel from other countries to get their hair restoration surgery in Korea, this largely contributes to the increasing demand for Korean surgeons in the western world. That is why more and more Koreans are setting up clinics outside of Korea. The availability of Korean surgeons in other countries has led to an increase in competition among surgeons for clients, making the cost of FUE Hair TransplantSurgery cheaper in some countries than others.

In general, however, we can say that hair restoration surgery is not as expensive as people think. Don’t hesitate to avail yourself of this breakthrough hair treatment and restoration surgery. You don’t need an expensive hair transplant surgery when you can have it done at a lower price in Korea.

Since the advancement of science and technology, there is now more than just one kind of FUE Hair Transplant. The most recent and fastest method on the market today is SMP FUE Hair Transplant, which uses automated motorized punches to prepare and extract donor’s hair. This SMP method can work with or without manual assistance, but it all depends on your surgeon’s procedure. Another term that you will hear more often in Korea regarding FUE Hair Transplant is ‘Single-‘ or Single-Pass FUE Hair Transplant.

This method is quite different from the previous SMP method, however. The hair surgeon uses only one single extraction tool instead of multiple ones in a sequential manner – hence the name ‘Single-Pass.’ Single-Pass FUE Hair Transplant operates much like ‘strip harvesting, but it can also be performed through follicular unit extraction.

However, the single-pass method is more complex because it needs the use of multiple motorized punches and more assistants at the same time. But with this method, one can harvest up to 600 grafts in a day – even more than that in a long hair patient! Single-Pass FUE Hair Transplant only needs a single strip incision, but the linear scar is also more hidden and easier to conceal. Single-Pass FUE Hair Transplant can outperform Strip Harvest nearly three times or even more in terms of speed alone.

Single-Pass FUE Hair Transplant surgery costs far less than other techniques because it only requires the use of one tool and not multiple ones. You pay less for your surgery, but the results are still satisfying.

Another way to lower the costs of getting an FUE Hair Transplantin Korea is by availing of Promotion Packages instead of just individual offerings (bundles). If you are fortunate enough to locate a reputable surgeon with a Free Hair Transplant offer after the first procedure, then there is nothing more appealing than this. The surgeon saves on expenses, and you get your hair restoration surgery at absolutely no cost! This option lets the surgeon save on time and effort, so you pay less.

By Anurag Rathod

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