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Using video marketing campaigns and ideas for your small business is the best and one of the powerful strategies to reach new customers. Even if you invest in expensive advertisement videos, it will not be a loss to you because it will increase the reach of your business.

You can contact digital marketing companies like digital marketing in Dubai to make advertisement marketing videos for your small start-up businesses. 

In this article, you will find a few types of videos that are used for marketing; you can use the kind that inspires you or relates to your business ideas.

Funny Video Ads:

The response of the customer in your advertisement depicts whether the customer is impressed by what you are offering, and will he buy it or not? The content of the ad may or may not change the response of the customer.

If your marketing video can make people laugh, or is so emotional that it makes people cry, believe me, people will react to these kinds of videos and will surely share your videos. And this is how the reach of your business will be increased.

Hilariously advertising your brand or product, that can emotionally trigger the public is the best way of marketing.

Explainer Videos:

Adding some educational content in your videos is another good way of increasing the worth of your marketing videos. The addition of a scientific fact, fun fact, life hack, or something that explains a law, or a theory is well-admired by people.

Customer who is in their learning phase and admires something related to the educational domain want to see content that tells them something informational. 

People who are learning to become video makers, digital marketers are always looking for answers, and those answers are not available in theoretical books, they finally make their way towards the marketing videos to learn something that they don’t know.

By adding some fun and humor to your informational videos, you can target both the fun-loving and the knowledge-seeking customers, and this can increase the reach of your business exceptionally.

You can also use animation in your explainer videos, and this is how you can add fun content to your explainer video marketing campaigns. With the addition of cartoons to your videos, you can target a larger population.

Problem Solver Videos:

Problem solver videos are cousins of the explainer videos with just a little bit of difference. In explainer videos, the video says something to the customer, and in the problem solver video, something is asked from the customer.

Now this ‘something’ can be ‘anything’, some fun questions, general knowledge problems, etc.

You can either ask the question directly from your customers, or your customer-like audience with the help of online forums. 

Asking simple, fun questions about the brand you are advertising or a product of yours is easy to get peoples’ feedback. 

New Product or Service Video:

If your company has launched a new product and you are thinking of introducing your product into the market, videos are the best way to do so. 

People nowadays don’t want to scan long paragraphs to get information on a particular brand or a product; instead, they would watch a video and save their breath.

Whenever you launch a new product, your dedicated customers will have some questions that they might want to ask; a video is a solution and answer to all their problems and ambiguities.

Company Story Video:

We all know that people always buy things from people or brands that they trust because this is what we always do. Your customer wants to know you because that is how they’ll build trust in you and will become dedicated customers for life.

Sharing the story of your company will let people know about you and the struggles you have gone through to provide the best products to your customers. 

You can even funnily share your companies’ story.

Customer Testimonial Video:

If you want to build trust with your potential customers, you should add customer reviews and feedbacks in your videos. 

If a new customer watches your brand, who is not familiar with your brand, he might want to read some customer reviews and feedbacks to know if the brand is worth trusting.

Therefore, customer testimonial videos are a powerful tool that will help you to engage more with your customers and increase the reach of your business.

Sales Videos:

Our marketing videos sales videos? No and Yes.

Sales videos are short clips or videos that are sent to the customers as a thank you with your email attached to it as a signature. Thank you! Message can be given in the video clip.

Some examples of sales videos that you can use for your small business:

Personalized Thank You Videos:

A short video clip, for thanking your potential customers who trust in you and your products. You can also add the details of your new products that you will be launching shortly.

Personalized Meeting Invites:

These are specialized short videos that use a webcam, and the client directly speaks to the retailer. 

Personalized Demos:

You can provide demos of the product that show quick details of your products, and these videos are customized for the sales outlook.

Company Culture Video:

Company culture videos are somewhat similar to the company story videos; you give the details of how you recruit new employees and what specifications and qualifications you see before recruiting them.

These videos are a good choice when you are considering marketing video marketing tips to advertise your small business. You can showcase the efforts that you made to upgrade your employees and your company.

Vital information about your product and your employees is shared in the company culture videos. You can use humor to make a company culture video, or you can make it a promotional explainer video.

Assembling two or more ideas in a single video is the right way of targeting a wide variety of customers. But you should make sure that the theme behind is well explained even after using multiple video types.

If you’re a creator on a tight budget and can’t hire a video editor, you can use online video editing tools like clipchamp, pcmag, oberelo, or mobile apps like video maker for business, vimeo, filmorago, and others. Because of their pre-made video templates and editing options, these tools and apps make it so easy to edit and create video content. You can easily create your stunning videos in no time.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.