Packing Tapes

In the packaging industry, cardboard plays an important role but when the core job of packaging is performed, several types of supplies are needed to tighten up the hold of the package boxes. One such product is packaging adhesive. 

There are different types of packaging adhesives available in the market and the most prominent adhesive is packing tapes. There are numerous types of packaging tapes available. Some commonly used are elaborated below:

Transparent cello-tape

Cello tapes are traditional tapes used in our day to day life for packing products. The adhesive of the tape has great hold and lasts for a long time. Being transparent and clean, this glossy finish tape is intensively procured and demanded in large quantities by almost all packaging businesses for envelopes, mailing bags as also for paper bags. These are label protecting tapes.

Low noise brown parcel tape

The low noise brown parcel tape imported from Greece is made of polypropylene. The adhesive used in this tape is very effective during cold temperature. Hence, these are generally used in chilled food packaging units. It helps in increasing the tensile strength of packaging so that it can withstand all kinds of external pressures and vibration during transit.

Recycled tape

This is the eco-friendly option of packaging adhesives. They come in both transparent and invisible varieties. The adhesive in these tapes is the plant-based that can be used on regular slotted containers. They can have a maximum weight of 100 lbs but not more than that.

Filament tape

This is polyester filament tape often used as strapping tape. It has a fibreglass strand on both the sides which do not stretch during use.

Surface protection tape 

While shipping delicate or large products like furniture and appliances that may get subjected to marks and scratches during transit, surface protection tapes can be used for protecting the items kept inside the boxes. These tapes can easily be removed once the shipment has reached its destination. 

Printed tape

These are used for displaying important messages on the packaging. These tapes can have customised printing as per the requirement such as printing of the brand name on the tape. 

Vinyl cross-weave tape

This is the strongest among all other tapes. It helps in keeping the product safe for months. This is generally used for packing food products so that the chances of leakage or wastage is least or close to zero with this packaging. This strong tape binds the package with the help of stronger hot melt adhesive.

Pouch tape

It is an adhesive tape that is usually used in the medical sterilised pouches packing. It comes with a double-sided adhesive that makes the packaging look good. And it does its packaging job quickly and effortlessly. 
The main goal of the adhesive tapes is to bind the packaging tightly and to keep the package contents safe. Different types of tapes are designed as per their functionalities and usage. Packaging Midlands is a mainstream distributor of all kinds of high-quality packaging materials at a competitive price.

By Anurag Rathod

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