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DiDi, formerly DiDi Kuaidi is a Chinese technology company streaming ride-hailing services, Artificial Intelligence and even autonomous technology. One of the largest companies of China that is providing their services in multiple countries like Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan and China, their mainland. DiDi is providing ride-hailing, private car hailing, social ride sharing, food delivery and bike sharing.

According to studies DiDi’s revenue was evaluated around 2017-end. At that time, the company was in 2nd place.

DiDi is a valued startup company of China powered by over 100 investors. DiDi provides their services with their amazing business tool which is a mobile application that works on the popular mobile platform i.e., Android and iOS. At present, this ride-hailing company is booking more than 30 million rides every day.

DiDi taxi business

After the launch of the English version of DiDi app, the company expanded their business to Mexico and Australia. Nowadays, this Chinese company is investigating and researching Autonomous driving as well as Artificial Intelligence-based taxi services.

Many people prefer that DiDi’s mobile app is much smarter than Uber as well as the other taxi service providing apps. Well, you may find entrepreneurs who wanted to start taxi services like DiDi or Uber.

Confusion Faced by Typical Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs though get confused choosing appropriate business tools. This is because, thousands of clone apps available in the market. Most of them even look similar as well as their features also matches with each other. However, DiDi is quite better than every other business tool.

Let’s check out the features that make it a unique business tool for taxi services.

DiDi Luxe

No other taxi service providing company others such services as DiDi do. From a DiDi app, a user can get a Limousine service for any special occasion. Well, till yet no other taxi service providing company have offered Limousine services. Not only do they have a Limo service but there are many other luxurious cars that only DiDi provides through its mobile app. It provides a complete luxury trip as this fancy ride includes refreshments like biscuits, mineral water and much more. All these services offer a comfortable ride.

Payment Via International Credit Cards

You may have seen and even experienced that most every taxi service have an online payment option. That includes payment via debit card, credit card or net-banking. Well, if you are in some another country and if you wish to pay through your credit card, most every taxi service app will decline that process. This will happen because those apps, do not accept payments from international credit cards. But, DiDi has five different payment options in their app. In these five payment options, DiDi has international credit card option too that make every traveller pay without any issues.

Message Translation

After booking a ride, chatting with the driver for providing exact location information is now one the most common feature. That every taxi booking app includes. Same feature DiDi also has but it also has an extra feature that no other app has i.e. message translation. Any foreign rider can chat with the driver easily and the driver can also understand the language of the rider.

Which Business Tool To Choose?

Without any doubt, DiDi app is the best business tools for your taxi service business. Consider connecting with a clone app developing company and get your DiDi clone script.

By Anurag Rathod

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