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Custom-made jewelry is the trendiest accessories in the market. We’ve seen celebrities too wearing their nameplates as a necklace pendant. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing a nameplate necklace to celebrate the arrival of Prince George. The chain had a heart-shaped metal etched with the alphabet ‘W,’ while the circular metal had his son’s name, George.

Flamingo beaded earrings

When you think of the simplicity of these gorgeous earrings, you will want to try them yourself. Wearing them puts you in the spotlight, and your besties will envy you. The long drop with dangling tassels makes a bold fashion statement.

Pearl earrings

The jeweler has made these gorgeous white pearl earrings using the most delicate freshwater pearls and formed a cluster to create a voluminous statement piece of jewelry. The jeweler takes the white pearls and wire-wraps them into an oval chain in either gold or silver. He suspends the clusters from the hook ear wires, giving it a finish of your choice. And since they are lightweight clusters, they are convenient and make a lovely summer earring.

Trend with bracelets

You can still bring in your vibe and combine metals, different designs, chic, and chunky wristlets on stacking and layering bracelets. If you feel like customizing them with a unique positive message, go right ahead. You will only look super-cool.

Pearl necklace

Pearls necklaces are timeless. It’s a craft you can quickly nail if you show interest. Anyway, it’s not for everyone, but for those passionate or have special artistic skills. In this handmade pearl necklace, the jeweler has used ivory pearls with 6mm and 10 mm. The length is 15 inches, with a two-inch adjustable chain. It’s ideal for a wedding or any elegant occasion.

Nameplate necklace

For those who love the elegant look, this delicate custom made jewelry is a piece to adore. It’s sterling silver with an 18 ct gold plated, and it’s small to showcase the name inscription of your choice. The font used here is the Angel style, matching the cable chain with a delicate proportion. 

Layering your jewelry

You can customize a long necklace into pieces of jewelry layering together. If you didn’t know, these are trendy and bring your charming personality. Although it depends on your style, you can mix heavy and delicate pieces, and together they will look gorgeous and stylish. Cara Delevingne, and Rachel Zoe, adores this layering style.

Stacking rings

If you want to keep with this trend, you can also do a ring or bracelet stack, which brings an alluring appeal. Zoe Kravitz loves her jewelry stacks, which gives her a modern look, with a combination of thick and thin bands.  

Two-toned rings

These two have set trends, and they look superb. A two-toned and custom-made jewelry is a style incorporated by artisans to create an imperfect design. Before, you had to choose between gold and silver because wearing them together was a fashion offense! Now you can call the shots and accessorize with both metals and make a bold statement. 

Offbeat jewelry

When you need to have unique and edgy design jewelry, offbeat is the way to go. Elle Fanning was spotted wearing a navy choker that looked stunning with a classic face. You, too, can easily customize a collar with your preferred emoticons. Earlier on, these were on clothes such as t-shirts and accessories like handbags. But today, the trend has extended to jewelry. Rihanna, one of the most adored musicians, was donned wearing a lips-shaped gold ring. Kate Hudson and few other celebs are usually rocking with offbeat jewelry. 

Wedding bands

Talking of weddings, this is where most custom-made jewelry comes in handy. If you ask the artisans, most of their premiums come from this. They choose to have their style identity by tweaking an heirloom from a loved one, to engraving the metal bands, and many more.

Touch of color and objects

We like to spice things up, even as the necklaces’ layering is a hot trend, adding some color on them makes you feel vibrant and so alive. And you know what does it more justice? A mixture of metals and shapes of different objects gives an effortless effect. Bring all your favorite pieces together and rock your fashion style.


You can’t possibly make a jewel more personalized than using your birthstone. Which accessory do you like to vibe with? Whether it’s a sleek necklace, a ring, or some elegant earrings, jewelers can customize your stone of choice. It would also make a stunning present for your BFF. Most lovebirds are choosing this to drive engagement and wedding rings more personalized.

In conclusion, embracing custom-made jewelry lets you be you. Swing in your style, and that’s the only trend that will never go out of fashion. We hope our guide helps you choose an easily customized piece.

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