Logo Design

A wrong approach for custom logo design can embarrass you in front of your potential customers. It happened with Yahoo where they had to revert back to old logo after a backlash from viewers.

Are you going to commit the same mistake? Please don’t! 

We understand how important is a logo for any business’s successful branding. So, the stakes automatically go higher when you’re working on a custom logo design. Don’t worry, we’ve some mistakes to share with you so you can learn from other’s failure and avoid making the same mistakes. 

Come, let’s start with the very common custom logo design mistake that you must not repeat and get the best logo that truly represents your business. 

Wrong Font Choice 

We, today, are bombarded with unlimited, alluring, fonts that make the selection choice very difficult. It’s not just about serif or sans-serif but more than relating the font with your business’s feel. 

You can’t just select a trendy font when opting for a custom logo design and wish that it’d represent your business name.

The font should be ideal with respect to the business, its perception in public and the kind of image you want to share through your logo design. In other word, your font selection should reciprocate with your business personality to have a positive impact on your customers. 


Font is not the only challenge that you’d face during having a custom logo design. A logo designer’s prime objective is to relate the logo with your business vision and the mission you’re working on.

Give your viewers something to relate with via your business logo.

Because your business logo is also an opportunity to relate with your customers. So, be sure to have a custom logo design that is relatable in every aspect. A design that your customers can relate to and recognize in the crowded jungle of brands out there. Only then you can achieve your marketing objectives by capitalizing on your business logo. 

Mediocre Feel 

Nike uses a check in its business logo, Amazon has an arrow, and BMW takes inspiration from Bavarian flag. What new businesses do is they copy the famous one when branding.

Are you going to do the same and make fun of your logo? 

This is because people are quick and fierce to notice if you copy a famous brand’s logo and do the job poorly. If you truly want to stand out in your competitors, your logo shouldn’t be mediocre in its look and feel. And it is only possible if you put in some effort and time to think of something unique to add into your custom logo design for a remarkable representation of your business. 

Poor Color Choice 

White is a go-to color choice for logo designs, wrong!

You don’t need to behave extremely humble and bow down before this universally accepted color for business logos. Where many big brands embraced white as their business logo color, there are those who made exceptions.

You must do the same when investing in custom logo design and get 2-3 mock designs in different colors before selecting one. Here is the complete logo color guide you should know.

No Message

You want just a sign for your business or you want to give out a message, too? 

You can, certainly, include a message to your custom logo that keeps people at least a minute to crack. Plus, this can be a smart marketing stunt that you can perform with your business logo by adding a message to it. 

No Raster

As we conclude our list of mistakes to avoid in your custom logo design, here’s one technical pitfall that you must avoid. 

Say no to raster images when designing your business logo. 

This is because you’d use this logo on different places and a raster file can lead to pixelated or blurred image. So be wise, and always work with vector images for a hi-res custom logo design.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.