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In this digitally enabled world, a plethora of factors creates a successful digital brand. From a mobile application to a web platform, from interface to digital user experience, and tech-driven solutions and services are some, to name a few. 

And when we talk of successful brands, their digital existence is what we all should learn from. The way these brands have created their digital existence has transformed their revenue-generating model. And this is what we all must learn from to take the most benefit from technology combined with digital methodologies. 

And for digital existence, be it for mobile applications or for a web platform, a user interface is a factor that captivates a user the very first moment. All the ideas, creativity, and service quality can easily be understood by just looking at your mobile app user interface. This is where top digitally-enabled brands have always focused on improving and taking user interface to a whole next level. 

The Basics of User Interface

From being fast, responsive, captivating, and issue-resolving, there are plenty of user interface factors that you must focus on in your mobile application as it is the most used digital gadget around the world. Having said this, here are a few insights to create a successful user interface that the best mobile app development company Dubai is using for its clients. 

  • Keeping a simple yet creative and unique interface is necessary. 
  • The use of consistent elements in your user interface is a prime factor. 
  • Whatever the page layout is, it has to be purposeful and insightful at the same time. 
  • The use of colors, patterns, designs, and textures must be made in an effective way. 
  • Your user interface design must reflect the right strategy regarding your business. 
  • Thinking about the goals of the business must be intact while creating a mobile app user interface. 
  • The use of typography has also been done to create hierarchy and clarity. 

Leading digitally-enabled Brands With Top-Class User Interfaces

Today’s customers notice the slightest details on a digital platform, from small bugs to major glitches and poor user interface quality. This all results in a bad result user experience, and this is where you must learn from these top brands to get the perfect insights that would help you create a perfect user interface for your brand. 


Uber: UI + UX Critique. Uber, since it was introduced in 2009… | by Kunal  Abichandani | Medium

The elevating conceptual application Uber is a perfect example of how anyone can design the app for the user interface. According to Statista, approximately 93 million users use Uber for their daily commute around the world.  

The company has designed its mobile application, thus keeping the idea of a simple, intuitive, and unique user interface alive. With this user interface, the company’s mobile app provides convenient features to the users by enabling them to use navigation for selecting their pickup and drop-off location while seeing all the cars available in the radius. Moreover, the record of past rides and other activities can also be kept under proper check. 


Another digital-driven brand, Starbucks, has worked incredibly for elevating user experience with their exceptional user interface for their mobile application. The design user interface is simple, with a creative touch of green, black, and brown colors that best represent the company’s profile. Ultimately, as soon as a user opens their application, the elegant color theme instantly reminds them about the company’s logo. 

The mobile application of Starbucks lets people order their coffee anywhere else and also allow customers for contactless order. Moreover, the users can also locate their nearby stores using the application. 

Adidas Training – Runtastic 

Considering all the sports applications, Adidas Training by Runtastic is one of the excellent mobile apps in the market. The mobile app comes with a feature-rich development for all the health concern people in the market. The user interface is excellently designed to allow users to navigate tons of workout plans to easily select the preferred one. 

The development company has carefully focused on all the slightest of details for creating a user-friendly application that uplifts user experience in the most unimaginable manner. On top of that, several threads of voice comments, visualization, and exercise training let the user select the best for them. 

Amazon App 

The e-commerce giant Amazon has taken the most advanced and game-changing steps for creating excellent mobile experiences for users. It is one of the best retail or e-commerce app for users. 

The excellent display of products, the integration of specific information, and the easy payment method for the users make this the most sought-after application. The app development company Dubai has focused on the slightest of details to cater to the minor needs of users when they are navigating through any retail app for their regular purchases. 

What’s more, the Amazon app is integrated with product lists, reviews, descriptions, filters, visual representation, seller rating, and on-the-go options for the buyers to move independently in a hassle-free and user-friendly ecosystem. 


Even a brand as big as ESPN needs a mobile application. They created their mobile application without giving it a second thought. Thus, the development team has carefully thought over the initial reason why the company wants to create an app. With this, the app design has been made super appealing to continue to influence their wide audience.

The mobile app of ESPN is a user-friendly creation that is easy to use and navigate around. For sports lovers who want to carefully check the news, articles, videos, podcasts, and social media tracking. The app allows a user to enjoy the amazing in-app features. 

Wrapping It Up!

Thus, after reading the complete write-up, it would certainly have clear that the user interface is an excellent feature for the success of your mobile application. Keeping the user-end in focus, the interface plays an important role in your app’s success. From captivating the users to providing them with complete information and making their in-app journey appealing, the interface is undoubtedly the king. 

By Anurag Rathod

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