A complete guide on hair transplant cost

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman. Hair loss problems can affect anyone regardless of gender. Besides losing hair, many people suffer from hair thinning. Research indicates that about 40% of men undergo the male-pattern hair loss problem, and in most instances the frontal baldness is common. The same case happens to the woman as their hairs fall off and to the point where its thickness decrease. This is annoying to anyone with the problem. The good news is, there is a solution for it. You can undergo a hair transplant and other related hair treatment to solve all the issues surrounding hair loss problem.

After you undergo the hair transplant procedure, you will come out with natural-looking hairs that will be lost for as long as you maintain them well in all aspects. While the hair transplant cost is likely to be expensive, the results are worth the treatment. That means the quality results that you attain are going to be of great help in the sense that you can exchange money with value.

Hair transplant methods

The best solution to hair loss which is significant enough for the cost of treatment, is hair transplant surgery. You can always trust this procedure to restore your natural hair in the sections where balding occurs. Perhaps you have never considered it, but this is one of the perfect methods to restore hair growth upon losing it.

With the new advanced technology, hair transplant has also improved in a great way and become much easier. That is a clear indication to depict how much the hair transplant cost has also gone down. You will also encounter minimal time of recovery and discomfort experience both during and after hair transplant. The two common hair transplant methods are FUT and FUE. You can always find the one you are comfortable with. It doesn’t matter which option you go for; either of the two methods is great to clear your hair loss problem. Either of these two methods of hair transplants will help you restore your hair loss problem in a great way. However, you should always have in mind that hair transplant cost varies from one method to the next, and it all depends on the one you opt to use.

Are you willing to choose FUT hair transplant surgery to restore your hair? Your doctor will remove a strip of the skin from the donor part, get the hair follicles and then transplant its parts where balding is taking place. The extraction of hair follicles in such a method has high chances to survive. Although you can fully rely on FUT for the effective result after a hair transplant, it has some downsides as the entire procedure may leave you with a linear scar meaning you will need to bear with several treatments. It is important to be careful on the measure you use while taking care of the incisions and donor sites, as this is yet another activity that you need to be serious about.

Unlike the FUT hair transplant, FUE does not involve the entire extraction of skin tissues as you get the strip from the donor site. Your doctor will have to extract hair follicles one by one from the donor site transferring the grafts on the head parts that have little or no hair.

FUE hair transplant is yet another surgical method, but it takes much more time to treat. It is one of the best options since, after the treatment, you will have no scars left behind. The advanced technology has enhanced the treatment since it reduces side effects, downtime, and the entire hair transplant cost.

Benefits of hair transplant

The effects of hair thinning, hair loss, and balding can become overwhelming. But if hair transplant cost is not a limiting factor, it is possible to make up your mind and get hair transplant surgical treatment. In the end, you will enjoy the after procedure results which includes-

  • Natural-looking hair
  • Reduced balding
  • Restoration of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved appearance
  • Quality hair

The best Hair transplant treatment candidate 

Are you losing your hair and seeking the best way to solve the problem? Shy no core because hair transplant surgery will clear your problem and restore your hair. While at it, you should ensure that you meet all the requirements to be among the best fit to undergo hair transplant surgery. 

  • Anyone who experiences permanent loss of hairs
  • Anyone above 25 years faced with balding
  • Patients seeking to revive their hairline
  • Someone with scars that results from previous burns, accidents are also suitable for a hair transplant
  • Patients who wish to hide their bald areas on the scalp

You may have hair transplant costs, but in case you are not a suitable candidate if you are a woman undergoing pattern- hair loss on your head. In case the extracted hair follicles do not have enough hair, you may not be suitable for hair transplant surgery. Apart from that, any suitable candidate who develops keloids after surgery is not rightful to undergo the hair transplant surgery as it may cause more of them.

Hair transplant cost

The hair transplant cost varies depending on the type of procedure that you choose to go for. It could be FUT or FUE. You should know that this is not the only factor that determines the amount of money you should pay for your hair transplantation. The hair transplant cost depends on many factors. Location and the number of follicles to be transferred determines the hair transplant cost too. The average hair transplant cost ranges from $3000 to about $15000. The FUE hair transplant procedure costs much higher than the FUT method.


Before you undergo hair transplant surgeries, ensure you have a clear knowledge of what it entails. Make inquiries from the physician about hair transplant cost, side effects, benefits, and its eligibility too. That way, you can make the best right decision and be rest assured that a hair transplant will help in eliminating hair loss problems. Your hair will begin to regrow, which in turn rejuvenates lost confidence and self-esteem due to your appearance.

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