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Gamers are usually the most fun-loving and chill guys in the room, provided that their game is performing well without any glitches and errors. Once the game shows an unnecessary error, they lose their cool in a minute. Imagine going for an exam you are well prepared for, and you cannot write answers just because your pen was not working. Well, that’s the level of frustration a gamer gets when an error ruins his/her favorite game. Sometimes if the glitch or error is not causing any problem in progress or the gameplay, it is usually avoided, but if the error is a game ruiner, it’s a pain in the neck.

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Here are some common gaming errors that are dealt with by gamers and quick hacks to fix these.

1. Hanging, Crashing, or Freezing.

If you are a gamer, there might have been experiences of abrupt freezing or hanging of a game where it suddenly freezes or crashing where the game stops automatically, and you are brought directly to the Home Screen.

These problems are faced by many gamers in games such as Call of Duty during changing loadout or rushing an enemy squad or during landing. This impacts the gameplay very badly. This is commonly caused by various problems in software as well as hardware. Some Quick solutions to fix this problem are,

1) Reduce the graphics

2) Troubleshoot your game

3) Check for any missing setup files

4) Free up some space in your device

5) Check for game updates if any

6) Check if the game is compatible or not for your device. If not, upgrade your device’s software as well as hardware.

7) Increase or update your RAM if needed

8) Check for any other programs running as they use your RAM as well as CPU power.

2. Game Lagging or High Ping issue.

High ping or a network lag is the biggest pain in the neck while playing games. Ping is usually the reaction time your game takes to react to your command, and it’s generally in ms. If you ping below 50ms, your gameplay will be quite smooth, whereas the game lags if it’s more than 100ms. It’s the most common problem faced in online multiplayer games. Due to this high ping and network issue, players face numerous problems, ultimately losing that game.

This is generally due to an unstable and fluctuating Network. Some Quick Solutions to this are

1) Troubleshoot your internet service

 2) Switch to Wifi as it provides a stable network connection

3) Turn off any data saving options in your phone

4) Suppose If you are in India and you are playing in the US or any other region, this will also result in high ping

Therefore, switch to the server of your compatible location

5) Check and turn off any torrent connection

3. Visual Glitches

Gamers often face this issue where there are some graphics-related glitches, the game screen flickers sometimes, there are some deformed geometries in the game. Also, artifact glitches are seen.

Your Video Card & Gaming card is responsible for all the Graphic and visual glitches. If the video card is not good, then it might end up showing these glitches.

Some Quick solutions to fix those irritating and annoying visual glitches are,

1) Check out that the GCD or Graphic Card Driver is up to date

2) If you haven’t cleaned your computer in recent, this is the time you should clean up your friend that is your personal computer. Because too much dust heats your setup and may damage your video card and other components.

3) Make sure your CPU and your setup has enough Ventilation

4) If you have overclocked your GPU consider rolling it back to normal.

5) Install an HWM monitor to monitor the temperature of your graphic card.

Temperature, when you are not playing, is usually up to 40-degree Celsius. When you are playing, the temperature in the range of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius is okay, but a temperature above 90-degree Celsius is too hot.

4. Game Crashing issue.

All the problems mentioned above are a pain in the neck, but some gamers still manage to play the game and ignore the problems. But if the game is crashing, again and again, you even can’t play the game. As soon as you start the game, you are driven back to the main computer screen., Sometimes, the game crashes in the middle of the game, leading to a loss in progress and a reduction in gaming ranks.

Well, like other problems, you can also fix this issue and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Some of the quick tips to prevent and stop your game from crashing are

1) Check your game driver is up to date.

2) Restart your device to check if this only a temporary problem

3) Turn off your antivirus or any other programs that may interrupt the proper game operation.

4) Check if all the files of that game are installed properly.

5) Reinstall the game to install the missing gaming files if any

These are some common Gaming errors that you can fix quickly.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.