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Ever since vehicle leasing was introduced to the automobile world, it has been on a steady rise in terms of establishing itself strongly as a potential alternative to the traditional car ownership model or for creating a market base of its own. With an estimated market size of $69 billion globally in 2020, there is a lot to be gained for established as well as new commercial vehicle hire companies to create an impact while increasing their market share. Here are the top 5 things commercial vehicle hire companies can invest in to become a serious market disruptor: 

Focusing heavily on Electrification:

The day is not far when electric batteries will replace internal combustion as the primary technology that runs our vehicles. With a global, mandatory resolve to lower emissions and make the environment as less pollutive as possible, EVs are going to be the norm and not the exception going forward.  For commercial vehicle hire companies, focusing resources and investing significantly on EVs in a phase-wise manner will ensure not just bigger market size capturing but also doing something way bigger for the collective good. 

Redefining its core target group while attracting prospective customers:

While corporate leasing can seem like a comfortable cushion to rely on but the tech-driven fast-changing trends of the automotive industry indicate that redefining one’s core target group constantly has become a necessity. This includes tapping into potential customer bases like youth, self-employed or small-scale professionals, car enthusiasts, and other individual consumers. These exercises have become a must for any commercial vehicle hire company if it wants to survive the breakneck competition and emerge as a leader in the segment. 

Embracing High-Tech, AI, ML & Automotive IoT:

Like embracing electrification, adapting and integrating technologies like IoT, AI, and ML will become the bare minimum required to remain relevant and to have an edge over the competition. Placing significant importance on MaaS and SaaS like connected car solutions, ADAS, telematics, etc. will make any commercial vehicle hire company get higher customer acquisition and credibility which are the biggest currency any fleet company can have. 

Providing a viable alternative to traditional car ownership model:

With many players like ride-hailing apps, car-pooling options, and regional taxi chains eating up the market share for alternate personal mobility, if commercial vehicle hire companies can consolidate the market, they can become a serious alternate model. By providing a truly great consumer experience enabled by technology, there is no stopping car leasing companies from emerging as a true competitor to traditional car ownership model. 

Car leasing as a tool for trade (TFT) model:

Incentivizing leasing a car for corporate employees encourages not only more employees opting for car leasing but also creates the most significant contributor to the market share – corporate leasing through fleet management. This has been the bread and butter for Commercial vehicle hire companies and is their primary source of revenue. This also single-handedly creates the brand value and credibility that the company can further use to tap into other consumer groups. Focusing on utilizing car leasing as TFT is a sure way to remain consistently attractive as a leasing company. 

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By Anurag Rathod

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